TDOT Transit Student Internship Program

Female at computerThe Statewide Transit Student Internship Program is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and is one of the services provided by the Tennessee Transit Training Center (TTTC) at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The Transit Program Supervisor is the direct supervisor of the intern. There are approximately 8-11 intern positions available throughout the state, and there is the possibility of 3 to 12 hours of college credit available for each intern (discuss this possibility with your academic advisor at your university). The period of time an Intern can work for the system is not to exceed one year.

Internship Qualifications:

  • The intern must be currently enrolled as a college student, graduate student, or recent graduate.
  • The intern must currently hold or must have recently graduated with at least 2.5 GPA and provide a copy of their transcript.
  • The intern must have an interest in transportation, state government or related issues.

The Director of the Intern Program assigns work to the intern. Each transportation agency follows a format prescribed by the Intern Program that describes the work for which the intern is responsible. The intern must be a mature and highly motivated individual who has the ability and is willing to work with a team or alone. At least one meeting will be held with all interns, and meetings between the intern and his or her Agency Supervisor will be held as needed for instruction, evaluation, and supervision. An intern is evaluated by his or her supervisor to provide feedback on the progression of each intern.

Man taking testThe total success of the Intern Program will be evaluated through written evaluations from site personnel, supervisors, and interns. At the end of each calendar year, final reports of the Intern Program will be sent to the TDOT and each agency will be required to submit an end of the calendar year report/evaluation of each intern who worked with them during the year.

How to Apply:

The first step to applying for an internship with TDOT and TTTC is to submit a complete application package to the TTTC office.  A complete application package includes:

  1. A completed and signed TTTC Internship Application form
  2. a copy of your resume
  3. a copy of your transcripts
  4. two (2) letters of reference

Please review the list of potential supervising agencies here.  These are the locations where internships may be possible.  Please note that all locations may not be available for an internship at all times. You may indicate more than one agency location on your application. 

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

You may email, fax or mail your complete application packet to the TTTC office for consideration.  Please note that original documents will be required to replace scanned documents if hired.

Tennessee Transit Training Center
Middle Tennessee State University
PO Box 96
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
fax: 615/849-3574

You will be contacted by the TTTC office if an appropriate internship opportunity can be located and an interview with the potential supervising agency we be arranged.   

Internship Application Forms and Manual

[pdf] documents require Adobe Reader for viewing and printing. Adobe Reader is available from at no cost. [link] is a link to a web page and needs only your browser for viewing and printing.

Timesheet and Evaluation Forms


Please contact us for more information about the Statewide Transit Student Internship Program.


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