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  • Tucker Theatre accommodates major music, dance, theatrical, and television productions.

Studio Theatre

Studio theatre

Policies and Procedures

1. Food and Drink: No food or drink—except bottled water—is allowed in the Studio Theatre without the express written consent of the Facility Manager. This rule applies to the use of food or drink for scenes.

2. Access: Professors with classes in the Lab Theatre will be provided with a key card to unlock the facility for their classes. For access after-hours and on weekends, a key card will be provided to the primary contact of the Renting Organization. Usage of the Studio Theatre is strictly prohibited from midnight to 6:00 AM. Campus police will enforce this rule if this prohibition is violated.

3. Lockup: Users of the Studio Theatre should ensure that all doors are locked and secure before leaving the room. Failure to properly secure the Facility may result in immediate action including, but not limited to, immediate eviction from the Facility and revocation of any and all usage rights.

4. Furniture and Props: Audience chairs MAY NOT be used as props under any circumstance. A limited selection of furniture, rehearsal cubes, and hand props is located in the prop cabinet and in the back of the seating area. All items should be returned to their proper storage location at the end of each class/rehearsal even if you didn't originally find it there (shelves and drawers in the cabinet are labeled). Additional furniture and props may be brought in but will not be provided by the department. The use of furniture from the BDA lobby and Green Room is prohibited. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in revocation of any and all usage rights. Please be aware that whatever you leave in the space during the day may get used and/or stolen by people taking classes in the Studio Theatre. Items brought in for scenes may be left in the back left area of the theatre. All items will be disposed of promptly after graduation each semester.

5. Standard House and Work Lights: House and Work Lights are controlled from switches located immediately inside the entrance to the theatre and beside the Control Booth door. If there is any difficulty with these lights, call the Facility Manager at 615-898-2181. If the office is closed, please leave a message and the problem will be corrected the next business day. In an emergency, contact Facility Services at 615-898-2414.

6. Lighting: No provision for lighting beyond house and work lights shall be made for rehearsal or classes. Rentals (including Studio Projects) may use the Repertory Lighting Plot (Plot and Paperwork available upon request). All personnel who will use/operate the lighting and its associated equipment are required to be approved in advance by the Lighting Faculty and Facility Manager. Any and all alterations from the plot as drafted shall be restored by the Renter prior to the end of the Rental Period even if the Renter believes said alterations were not made by the Renter. Failure to restore the Repertory Lighting Plot will result in additional fees and, where appropriate, grade reduction. Additional lighting equipment (even if brought in by the Renter) must be approved in advance by and is at the sole discretion of the Facility Manager.

7. Sound: No provision for sound reinforcement or reproduction is made for rehearsal or classes. Rentals (including Student Projects) may request playback capability, clear-com headsets, and minimal sound reinforcement (microphones) from the Facility Manager. All requests are subject to availability and are at the sole discretion of the Facility Manager. All sound equipment provided for use by Renters is the sole responsibility of the Renter. Damage to or loss of said equipment will be billed to the Renter. Sound equipment beyond that deemed reasonable by the Facility Manager will result in additional labor and/or rental fees and may be wholly and summarily denied. All personnel who will use/operate said sound equipment are required to be approved in advance by the Facility Manager.

8. Audience Seating & Capacity: By fire-code, seating in the Studio Theatre is limited to 100. A three-foot (3ft.) aisle must be kept clear from the stage through all exits (to the lobby, the green room, and to the back hallway exits). These aisles must be clear at all times. Audience chairs may not be placed in any configuration whereby any audience member must cross more than seven (7) chairs to reach the aisle (e.g. no more than fifteen (15) chairs in a single row).

9. Audience Notifications: Adult language, mature situations, and the use of haze, smoke, or strobes must be approved in advance by the Faculty Supervisor and require the conspicuous posting of appropriate signage in the Studio Theatre Lobby. Appropriate signs will be provided by the Facility Manager if/when said language/situation/effect is approved. Use of haze or smoke requires the presence of an Event Manager and advance notification of the UT Police and may result in additional fees. No notifications will ever be placed on the door. Taping signs is prohibited in all area of the BDA.

10. Preshow Announcement: All events with an estimated audience of fifty (50) or more people within the Boutwell Dramatic Arts complex are required to play our pre-recorded preshow announcement immediately after taking the "House to Half";. Events requiring Audience Notifications (defined above) must make an additional announcement including said notifications at this time.

11. House Management: All events with an audience of more than ten (10) people require the presence of a qualified House Manager whose sole responsibility for the production is to be the House Manager. Said House Manager must be present prior to the entry of any audience and for the duration of the event. Qualification as defined here is at the sole discretion of the Facility Manager.

12. Auxiliary Spaces: Use of spaces beyond the confines of the Studio Theatre (including its stage, house, lobby, control booth, and bathrooms) must be arranged in advance through the Facility Manager and are subject to availability and additional fees.

13. Cleanup: All audience chairs, props, furniture, and curtains (if present) shall be restored to their appropriate locations prior to the end of class or rehearsal.

14. Accident Notification: Any accidents or injuries that occur in the Studio Theatre should be immediately reported to the Facility Manger at 615-898-2181 or the Safety Officer.

15. Fire: In the event the fire alarm goes off, everyone in the facility MUST immediately evacuate the building. If you believe your group is responsible for accidentally setting off the alarm, one person may remain in the building and follow the instructions for a possible false alarm located at the alarm enunciator (next to the call board). Failure to evacuate the building in either case will result in immediate revocation of usage privileges and/or appropriate disciplinary or legal action.

16. Smoking: It is State Law that SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in all State buildings, including the Theatre facilities; in fact it is illegal within 20 ft. of the outside doors. The single exception is smoking required by the business of a particular production. THIS SHALL NOT BE USED AS AN EXCUSE TO SMOKE IN THE THEATRE! Only such smoking as is absolutely necessary for a production is allowed. Advanced notice of smoking is required.

17. University Policies: All users of the Studio Theatre are responsible for knowing and adhering to all policies and requirements of Middle Tennessee State University, including, but not limited to, policies regarding fire, drugs, and alcohol.

18. Scheduling: Students who wish to use the Studio Theatre for rehearsal may reserve the theatre for up to one and a half (1.5) hours by legibly writing their name in the appropriate space on the schedule outside the backstage entrance to the Studio Theatre. The Studio Theatre Schedule for the next week will be posted by 10:00 AM Friday morning. Faculty and Staff wishing to reserve the space may submit their request to the Facility Manager at any time prior to the schedule being posted. Faculty and Staff may not reserve the space after the schedule is posted.

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