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2011 - 2012 University Curriculum Committee Members


NAME                                        DIVISION/DEPARTMENT                             TERM

Two (2) Faculty Each Undergraduate College:

Gerald Morton                           Basic & Appl./Engineering Tech.                 2011-2013

Helen Binkley                            Behav. & Hlth. Sci./Hlth & Hum. Perf.          2011-2013

R. Earl Thomas                         Business/Mgmt. & Mktg.                              2011-2013

James Calder                            Education/Elem. & Special Educ.                2011-2013

Leah Tolbert Lyons                    Liberal Arts/Foreign Lang. & Lit.                  2011-2013

Heather Lambert                        Mass Comm/Library                                    2011-2013

Zhijiang Dong                             Basic & Appl./Computer Science                2010-2012

Lisa Sheehan-Smith                   Behav. & Hlth. Sci./Human Sciences          2010-2012

Sherry Roberts                           Business/Buss. Comm. & Entrep.               2010-2012

Christopher Quarto                     Education/Educ. Leadership                       2010-2012

Dawn McCormack, Chair            Liberal Arts/History                                     2010-2012

Philip Loubere                             Mass Comm/Journalism                             2010-2012

Two (2) Students/Upper Class Representatives:

Troy Berry                                   Student                                                        2011-2012

Robert Baudo                              Student                                                        2011-2012

Sheila Otto                                  Director, General Education                        Ex-Officio

Teresa Thomas                           Director, Enrollment Technical Serv.           Ex-Officio

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