• University Leadership Council
    University Leadership Council

Council Members

President Sidney A. McPhee President Sidney.McPhee@mtsu.edu
  Kimberly Edgar Executive Assistant to the President Kimberly.Edgar@mtsu.edu
  Heidi Zimmerman University Counsel & Legal Assistant to President Heidi.Zimmerman@mtsu.edu
  Brenda Burkhart Director of Audit and Consulting Services Brenda.Burkhart@mtsu.edu
  Diane Snodgrass Assistant Director of Audit and Consulting Services Diane.Snodgrass@mtsu.edu
  Marian Wilson Special Asst. to the President for Institutional Equity & Compliance Marian.Wilson@mtsu.edu
  Gloria Bonner Asst. to President for the Office of Community Engagement & Support Gloria.Bonner@mtsu.edu
  John Hood Director of Community Engagement JD.Hood@mtsu.edu
  Chris Massaro Director of Athletics Chris.Massaro@mtsu.edu
  Diane Turnham Associate Athletic Director Diane.Turnham@mtsu.edu
  Mark Owens Associate Athletic Director, Sports Information MarkR.Owens@mtsu.edu
  Patrick Geho State Executive Director, Tennessee Small Business Development Center Patrick.Geho@mtsu.edu
  Tricia Farwell Faculty Senate President Tricia.Farwell@mtsu.edu
  Lindsey Pierce Student Government Association President sgapres@mtsu.edu
Business and Finance John Cothern Senior Vice President John.Cothern@mtsu.edu
  Alan Thomas Associate Vice President, Business Alan.Thomas@mtsu.edu
  Patti Miller Associate Vice President, Campus Planning patti.miller@mtsu.edu
  Ron Malone Assistant Vice President, Events and Transportation Services Ron.Malone@mtsu.edu
  David Gray Assistant Vice President, Facilities Services David.Gray@mtsu.edu
  Kathy Musselman Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Kathy.Musselman@mtsu.edu
  Carl "Buddy" Peaster MTSU Police Chief Buddy.Peaster@mtsu.edu
University Advancement William J. "Joe" Bales Vice President for University Advancement Joe.Bales@mtsu.edu
  Ginger Freeman Director of Alumni Relations Ginger.Freeman@mtsu.edu
  Pat Branam Director of Development Pat.Branam@mtsu.edu
Marketing and Communications Andrew Oppmann Vice President for Marketing and Communications Andrew.Oppmann@mtsu.edu
  Jack Ross Senior Director/Resource and Operations Mgmt Jack.Ross@mtsu.edu
  Jimmy Hart Director - News / Media Relations Jimmy.Hart@mtsu.edu
  David Foster Director - University College Marketing David.Foster@mtsu.edu
Information Technology Bruce Petryshak Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Bruce.Petryshak@mtsu.edu
  Tom Wallace Associate Vice President, Information Technology Tom.Wallace@mtsu.edu
  Barbara Draude Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Barbara.Draude@mtsu.edu
  Brian Holley Assistant Vice-President, Infrastructure Technologies Brian.Holley@mtsu.edu
  Robin Jones Director of Communication Support Services Robin.Jones@mtsu.edu
  Lisa Rogers Assistant Vice-President, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Lisa.Rogers@mtsu.edu
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Deb Sells Vice President of Student Affairs & Vice Provost for Enrollment and Academic Services Debra.Sells@mtsu.edu
  Sarah Sudak Assoc. VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life Sarah.Sudak@mtsu.edu
  Danny Kelley Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs Danny.Kelley@mtsu.edu
  Laurie Witherow Associate Vice Provost for Admissions and Enrollment Services Laurie.Witherow@mtsu.edu
Provost Brad Bartel University Provost Brad.Bartel@mtsu.edu
  Tina Johnson Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (Interim) NT.Johnson@mtsu.edu
  Becky Cole Associate Vice President (Resources) Becky.Cole@mtsu.edu
  Faye Johnson Assistant to University Provost for Special Initiatives Faye.Johnson@mtsu.edu
  Watson Harris Dir. Acad.Tech Plan/Proj. & ADA Coord. Watson.Harris@mtsu.edu
  Richard Sluder Vice Provost for Student Success Richard.Sluder@mtsu.edu
  Vincent Windrow Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success Vincent.Windrow@mtsu.edu
  David Schmidt Vice Provost David.Schmidt@mtsu.edu
  Christopher Brewer Assistant Vice Provost - Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research Chris.Brewer@mtsu.edu
Basic and Applied Sciences Robert "Bud" Fischer Dean Bud.Fischer@mtsu.edu
  Saeed Foroudastan Associate Dean Saeed.Foroudastan@mtsu.edu
  Wendy Beckman Aerospace (Interim) Wendy.Beckman@mtsu.edu
  Jessica Carter Agribusiness / Agriscience (Interim) Jessica.Carter@mtsu.edu
  Lynn Boyd Biology Lynn.Boyd@mtsu.edu
  Greg Van Patten Chemistry Greg.VanPatten@mtsu.edu
  Chrisila Pettey Computer Science Chrisila.Pettey@mtsu.edu
  Heather Brown Concrete Industry Management heather.brown@mtsu.edu
  Walter Boles Engineering Technology Walter.Boles@mtsu.edu
  Warner Cribb Geosciences Warner.Cribb@mtsu.edu
  Don Nelson Mathematical Sciences Donald.Nelson@mtsu.edu
  Jackie McDowell Military Science  Jackie.McDowell@mtsu.edu
  Ron Henderson Physics & Astronomy Ron.Henderson@mtsu.edu
Behavioral and Health Sciences Terry Whiteside, Interim Dean Harold.Whiteside@mtsu.edu
  Lance Selva Criminal Justice Administration Lance.Selva@mtsu.edu
  Doug Winborn Health & Human Performance Doug.Winborn@mtsu.edu
  Deborah Belcher Human Sciences Deborah.Belcher@mtsu.edu
  Jenny Sauls Nursing Jenny.Sauls@mtsu.edu
  Greg Schmidt, Interim Psychology Greg.Schmidt@mtsu.edu
  Rebecca Smith Social Work Rebecca.Smith@mtsu.edu
Business David Urban Dean David.Urban@mtsu.edu
  Stephen Salter Accounting Stephen.Salter@mtsu.edu
  Steve Lewis Business Communication & Entrepreneurship Steve.Lewis@mtsu.edu
  Charles Apigian Computer Information Systems Charles.Apigian@mtsu.edu
  Don Roy Marketing (Interim) Don.Roy@mtsu.edu
  Sean Salter Economics & Finance (Interim) Sean.Salter@mtsu.edu
  Jill Austin Management Jill.Austin@mtsu.edu
Education Lana Seivers Dean Lana.Seivers@mtsu.edu
  Bobbi Lussier Exec. Dir. Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences Bobbi.Lussier@mtsu.edu
  Amy Childre, Interim Elementary &  Special Education Amy.Childre@mtsu.edu 
  Jim Huffman Womack Family Educational Leadership Jim.Huffman@mtsu.edu
Liberal Arts Mark Byrnes Dean Mark.Byrnes@mtsu.edu
  Marisa Recchia Art (Interim) Marisa.Recchia@mtsu.edu
  Sharon Smith Communication Studies and Organizational Communication Sharon.Smith@mtsu.edu
  Maria Bachman English Maria.Bachman@mtsu.edu
  Roger Pieroni Foreign Languages. And Literatures Roger.Pieroni@mtsu.edu
  Warner Cribb, Interim Geosciences Warner.Cribb@mtsu.edu
  James Beeby History James.Beeby@mtsu.edu
  Michael Parkinson Music (School of) Michael.Parkinson@mtsu.edu
  Ron Bombardi Philosophy Ron.Bombardi@mtsu.edu
  Stephen Morris Political Science Stephen.Morris@mtsu.edu
  Brandon Wallace Sociology / Anthropology (Interim) Brandon.Wallace@mtsu.edu
  Jeff Gibson Theatre & Dance Jeff.Gibson@mtsu.edu
Mass Communication Ken Paulson Dean Ken.Paulson@mtsu.edu
  Billy Pittard Electronic Media Communication Billy.Pittard@mtsu.edu
  Greg Pitts Journalism Greg.Pitts@mtsu.edu
  Beverly Keel Recording Industry Beverly.Keel@mtsu.edu
Graduate Studies Jackie Eller Interim Vice Provost for Research and Dean Jackie.Eller@mtsu.edu
  Scott Handy Interim Associate Dean Scott.Handy@mtsu.edu
Library Bonnie Allen Dean Bonnie.Allen@mtsu.edu
University College Mike Boyle Dean Mike.Boyle@mtsu.edu
  Marva Lucas University Studies Marva.Lucas@mtsu.edu
  David Gotcher Associate Dean David.Gotcher@mtsu.edu
Honors College John Vile Dean John.Vile@mtsu.edu