Course Approval

Course Approval Instructions


This section describes the process to be followed when development of a new online or hybrid course is complete.  New online and hybrid courses are not listed in the distance section of the semester schedule until this process is complete, and new courses may not be added to a semester schedule less than four weeks prior to the beginning of a semester.

Course Approval Instructions

  • When the development of an online or hybrid course is complete, please follow these instructions for delivery approval.    

Course Designer:

  • Adds the assigned Online Faculty Mentor (OFM) and department chair or school director to the course by completing the Add A User Request Form. .  ITD should inform the course designer when they are added.
  • Conducts a self-evaluation of the course using the Peer Review Form.  Emails the self-evaluation to the assigned OFM to begin the review process.


  • Reviews the self-evaluation, conducts the peer review (using the Peer Review Form)
  • shares the review with the course designer.

Course Designer:

  • Has the opportunity to make revisions based on OFM recommendations.


  • Reviews course changes for possible re-rating of sections affected.  

Course Designer and OFM:

  • Note all actions taken on the OFM’s Peer Review Form.  


  • Submits the final Peer Review Form to Distance Education Faculty Services.

Faculty Services:

  • Requests course review and approval by emailing the completed Peer Review and Course Approval Forms to the appropriate department chair/school director.


  • Chairs/school directors review the course, including content, which is not addressed in the peer review.
  • Signs Course Approval Form to either approve or not approve the course for delivery.  Modification instructions must be included for non-approved courses.
  • The signed original Course Approval Form or a scanned/signed copy must be sent to Distance Education Faculty Services.

Faculty Services:

  • For approved courses, adds the course to the Approved Distance Courses inventory.
    • Emails the Scheduling Center that the course designer’s department/school may add the course to the target semester schedule.
    • Completes a pay document to compensate the course designer per the fee noted in the development agreement.
    • Emails the course designer that the pay document has been completed.
  • For non-approved courses, modification instructions are sent to the course designer. 
    • When revisions are complete, the approval request is again sent to the chair/school director along with the Course Approval and Peer Review Forms.
    • When the course is approved, the instructions above apply.


  • Adds course to the semester schedule.
  • Schedules meeting rooms as required for hybrid courses.
  • Schedules meeting rooms for optional meetings for online students if requested by instructor.

Course Designer:

  • Receives development fee usually within eight (8) weeks of course approval (if Online/Hybrid Course Development Agreement is approved and on file in Distance Education Faculty Services).
  • Teaches the course in the target semester.
  • Serves as the lead designer of the course for the term of the three-year contract, the duties of which include:
    updating the master shell each semester as necessary;
    • familiarizing other professors with instruction of the course and assisting in updating welcome page, contact information, and calendar;
    • sharing and uploading course for sectional instructors;
    • working with department to obtain textbooks and other course materials;
    • working with the department to schedule the course.