Information for Current Students

Summer school is a great way to graduate early, catch up, or get ahead. If you would like to see what courses are being offered at MTSU this summer, log in to PipelineMT, click on the RaiderNet tab, then on the Student tab and select Registration. Click on Look Up Classes and select the desired term.

  • Registration - Priority registration begins April 6, and you register via RaiderNet through PipelineMT. You will have an assigned registration time (when available) determined by the number of completed credit hours. Currently enrolled hours are not included. Please contact your advisor prior to your registration date for assistance in class selection. The Summer and Fall 2015 Registration Guide contains more detailed information as well as dates and deadlines about the registration process and can be found here when available.
  • Tuition and Fees - Estimated tuition and fees for an in-state undergraduate student are $329 per credit hour ($260 tuition and $69 fees). Additional fees (materials fees, special course fees, miscellaneous fees) may be added depending upon the type of course. Both the Summer 2015 and ROCC rates can be found here.
  • Tuition and Fees Payment - Frequently asked questions about payment and answers to those questions can be found on the tuition website.
  • Late Fees -A $100 late fee will be charged to anyone who registers or reregisters on or after the first day of the summer part of term and no other registration for a summer part of term exists.
  • Important Dates and Deadlines - Important dates for drop/add, fee payment deadlines, registration, and exam schedules can be found at here.
  • Financial Aid
  • Housing Rates for Summer - Living on campus places you at the center of the university community. If you are interested in exploring on-campus living with Housing and Residential Life, you may read the license agreement and complete an online application or contact them at 1-615-898-2971 for more information. Housing rates can be found here and check-in dates can be found here.
  • Other Resources
Summer 2016

Full Term 1 (5/9 – 8/5)
May Term S1 (5/9 - 5/27)
May/June Term S5 (5/9 – 7/1)
June Term S2 (5/31 - 7/1)
June/July Term S4 (5/31 – 8/5)
July Term S3 (7/5 – 8/5)
TN eCampus Term R (5/31 – 8/5)