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Customize Your Clinicals

Use the RN to BSN curriculum to customize your clinical experience. As you will notice in our course listings and descriptions, our program is set up to allow you the maximum flexibility when designing the clinical-portion of your bachelor degree.

With NURS 3270 and NURS 4260, the program works with the student to arrange the clinical-portion of the degree at a facility near the student's hometown. And the requirements are scheduled independently, meaning that the student will work with the facility to establish the makeup of the clinical, and the student will keep a log.

During each clinical, the student spends approximately 90 clock hours (for a total of 180 hours by the end of the program) at a nursing home, a hospital, a home health care service, and so on and receives practical on-the-job training. The student is at a facility in the capacity of a volunteer.

The second clinical conducted as part of NURS 4260 will involve a more leadership role as the student works with a member of management at a facility, which is why NURS 4250 is a corequisite, increasing the student's knowledge of technical, administrative, and human relations skills.

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