Distance Education and NonTraditional Programs

RODP General Education Requirements

R50 courses noted below are available through Regents Online Degree program. However students may also take their general education courses through MTSU online or MTSU on-ground courses.

Course Requirements Credit Hours

ENGL1010R50, ENGL 1020R50, and COMM 2200/SPCH 1010R50

History (choose two)
HIST 2010R50, HIST 2020R50, HIST 2030R50
Humanities and/or Fine Arts (one course must be in literature)
ANTH 2210, ART 1030R50, ART 1910/ARTH 2010R50, ART 1920/ARTH 2020R50, DANC 1000, ENGL 2020, ENGL 2030, ENGL 2010R50, ENGL 2110R50, ENGL 2120R50, ENGL 2210R50, ENGL 2220R50, ENGL 2410R50, ENGL 2420R50, ENGL 4680R50, ENGL 4700R50, HIST 1010R50, HIST 1020R50, HIST 1110R50, HIST 1120R50, HUM 2610, MUS 1030R50, PHIL 1030R50, PHIL 201R50, THEA 1030
MATH 1130R50, MATH 1010, MATH 1530R50, MATH 1630R50, MATH 1710R50, MATH 1720R50, MATH 1730, MATH 1910R50, MATH 1810, MATH 1830R50
Natural Sciences
ASTR 1030/1, BIOL 1030, BIOL 1010R50, BIOL 1020R50, BIOL 1110, BIOL 2010, BIOL 2020, CHEM 1010R50, CHEM 1030, CHEM 1110, CHEM 1130/1, GEOL 1030/1, GEOL 1040, PHYS 1030R50, PHYS 2010/1, PHYS 2110/1, PSCI 1010R50, PSCI 1030, PHYS 1110, PHYS 1130/1
Social/Behavioral Sciences
AAS 2100, ANTH 2010/SOCI 1120R50, ECON 2410/ECON 2010R50, EMC/JOUR/RIM 1020; GEOG 2000/GEOG 2010R50, GS 2010, HLTH 1530, PS 1005/POLS 1030R50, PS 1010, PSY 1410/PSYC 1030R50, SOC 1010/SOCI 1010R50, SOC 2010/SOCI 1020R50, WGST 2100/WMST 2100R50

To view a syllabus for the RODP courses, please click here

The computer literacy requirement can be fulfilled through a CSCI or INFS course, or by taking any RODP course.
If you are graduating under the general studies requirements that were in place before Fall 2004 and you have questions about the courses, please contact your advisor.

Attention Students: Any non-RODP major wanting to register for a RODP course must seek authorization through your college advisor or the department of your major.

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