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Strategic Leadership Essay

As you construct your essay, tell the advisory committee how you have personally experienced/demonstrated some of the following behaviors in your work environments.

Discussed, assessed, or applied leadership theories and concepts.
Historical development of leadership theories, personal assessment and development, values and ethics, motivation, power, follower-ship, group dynamics, diversity, collaboration, conflict management, situational/contingency leadership, citizenship, change management.

Analyzed, used, and reported data as appropriate for organizational assessment and decision.
Quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of data, formats for reporting data, ethical use of data, use of technology in data analysis.

Prepared or structured an organization for change.
Transformational and entrepreneurial leadership, creativity and innovation, continuous improvement processes, learning organizations, succession plans, cultures of change, designing organizational structures for change.

Communicated effectively with organizational stakeholders.
Theories and concepts of organizational communications, role of communication in leadership, impact and use of communications technology, definitions of stakeholders, communications with employees, governing boards, donors, suppliers, and regulatory/accrediting agencies, marketing communications and public relations, lobbying and political activities.

Planned, implemented, and assessed organizational strategies.
Visionary leadership, mission driven organizations, strategic intelligence, strategic planning processes, development of action plans, strategic positioning, development of strategic partners/alliances, implementation of actions plans, assessment processes, benchmarking.

Submit your portfolio to the MTSU College of Graduate Studies, Box 42, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. The portfolio material must be submitted as a packet, not mailed separately. Materials included in the packet will not be returned to the student.


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