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Dual Credit

Requirements for Receiving Dual Credit at MTSU
As with any college course, students are strongly encouraged to work with an advisor at the college or university where they plan to attend to ensure that any dual credit courses they take while in high school can be used toward their college major. All majors have specific course requirements that may or may not include courses earned outside of their department. In addition, some majors have few if any elective hours. As a result, students taking dual credit courses in high school could find them unusable toward their college or university requirements. Additionally, students must first enroll at MTSU and complete an online or residency course before the dual credit course will appear on their transcript. Students must also be aware that if they wish to transfer courses to a college or university other than MTSU they must first enroll at MTSU and complete an online or residency course before the dual credit course will appear on their transcript.

The Special Exam Form for Dual Credit and testing fee of $20 per credit hour (3 credit course = $60) should be received in the Business Office no later than 14 days prior to the competency test date. After the Business Office receives the form and deposits the fee, the form will be stamped and forwarded to the Admissions Office at MTSU. The fee is non-refundable even if the student does not pass the competency test.

If the student misses the test date due to illness or an emergency, the test must be made-up within two weeks of the original test date. If a student is unsuccessful on the competency test, they are not allowed to retake the test.

The MTSU department/faculty member will notify the student if he/she has successfully passed the dual credit exam. If the student successfully completed the competency exam, the notification will also include information detailing how and when the student's credit will be posted at MTSU. The credit will be posted as a P grade on the MTSU transcript. The student can access the transcript once admission to MTSU is complete. Once the student completes a course at MTSU (online or residency), the student may request the transcript be sent to another institution. If a student doesn't see the credit once admitted, they should contact the Admission's Office who will verify with the master list that the student passed the exam and that payment was received.

Available Dual Credit Courses
Dual credit courses currently being offered are through the following departments/schools:

If interested, please contact the above departments/schools for more information.