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The Intercultural and Diversity Affairs Center provides international students with admissions assistance, advisement, transportation assistance, extracurricular activities, and other student and community programming.

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Application Forms
Application forms can be found here.

Steps for Enrolling at MTSU

New students may register beginning April 19 after admission to the university and after advisement. A RaiderNet tutorial can be found at with more registration information here. The Summer and Fall 2014 Registration Guide contains more detailed information as well as dates and deadlines about the registration process and can be found here.

Course Schedule
The Summer 2014 course schedule can be found here.

Tuition and Fees
Both the Summer 2014 and RODP rates can be found here.

Tuition and Fees Payment
Frequently asked questions about payment and answers to those questions can be found on the tuition website.

Late Fees
Please be aware that a late registration fee of $100 applies starting on the first day of class for each summer term. Pay before the first day of class and no late fee will be assessed.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Important dates for drop/add, fee payment deadlines, registration, and exam schedules can be found here.

Financial Aid

Housing Rates for Summer
Living on campus places you at the center of the university community. If you are interested in exploring on-campus living with Housing and Residential Life, you may read the license agreement and complete an online application or contact them at 1-615-898-2971 for more information. Housing rates can be found here and check-in dates can be found here.

Other Resources (about MTSU, academic advising, university catalogs, etc.)

Summer 2014

  • Full Term 1 (5/12 - 8/8)
  • May Term S1 (5/12 - 5/30)
  • May / June Term S5 (5/12 - 7/3)
  • June Term S2 (6/2 - 7/3)
  • July Term S3 (7/7 - 8/8)
  • June/July Term S4 (6/2 - 8/8)
  • RODP Term R (6/2 - 8/8)

Important Resources

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