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Dr. David Alan Otts

University Studies
MTSU Box 386
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Office: Stark Agricultural Building (SAG) 116
Office Phone: (615) 898-2020

E-mail: dotts@mtsu.edu
Website: www.mtsu.edu/~dotts


  • University of Alabama: Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction (1986)
  • University of Alabama: M.A., English (1976)
  • University of Alabama, Birmingham: B. A., English (1973)
  • Kellogg Institute for Developmental Educators: Developmental Education Specialist (1998)
  • Texas State University: Technology Institute for Developmental Educators (2009)

Over 24 years at MTSU

A few achievements or accomplishments:
My achievements in curriculum and program development include the following: (1) developing a variety of instructional strategies that include discovery learning, cooperative groups, problem solving, group presentations, group reports, etc.; (2) developing lesson plans that incorporate the use of graphing calculators; (3) serving on the committee that developed the curriculum, course requirements, topics, student outcomes, and designed the pre- and post-tests for MATH 1000; (4) developing lesson plans that utilize the web; (5) providing on-line vocabulary materials for mastering mathematical concepts; (6) developing lesson plans that incorporate real life applications; (7) developing lesson plans that require the students to become active participants in the learning process; (8) implementing classroom rules that encourage students to comfortably ask and respond to questions; (9) implementing various forms of assessment; (10) incorporating writing in the mathematics classroom; (11) developing and maintaining my own multi-layered web site to provide user-friendly enhancement for my students; (12) authored the supplementary material for the custom text for MATH 1000, and (13) using MyMathLab and RaiderNet to initiate contact with students via email to inquire about absences, praise homework results, and send informational updates to the entire class.

Some projects I've been associated with:
Wrote, with a lot of help, the How To Study Math Guide for the MATH 1000K textbook. A member of the NADE Certification Council, serve on the TASSR Executive Board as Secretary.

Describe your teaching style:
I teach the student rather than the material; that is, I try to reach the student where he, she, or it, is in order to help them understand the process of learning as well as develop a comprehension of the concepts of algebra.

What do you like most about teaching?
Seeing students develop confidence as their abilities grow.

What do you like least most about teaching?
Paper work.

What do you expect from your students?
I expect them to learn how to learn.

What should they expect from you?
Guidance, support, and exhortation.

Areas of interest outside the classroom:
Family, church, sci-fi, guitar.

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  • University Studies
  • Peck Hall, Room 202
  • 1301 E. Main Street, Box 16
  • Murfreesboro, TN 37132
  • (615) 898-2568 (office)
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