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Joe Rouse
Assistant Professor

University Studies
MTSU Box 16
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Office: Stark Agribusiness Building (SAG) 202A
Office Phone: (615) 898-5582

E-mail: jrouse@mtsu.edu


  • M.A. in missiology, Fuller Theological Seminary 1981
  • M.S. in mathematics, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1971
  • B.A. in mathematics and music, Columbia University, 1970 (magna cum laude, Pi Beta Kappa)

I have been teaching mathematics since 1971 at various high schools both in the United States and Africa and at Carnegie-Mellon University and MTSU.

A Few Achievements:
I was a missionary in West Africa for four years and learned, to various degrees of proficiency, three West African languages.

Some interesting projects:
I developed a partial analysis of the Themne language in terms of its tonal features. In particular, I discovered that the Themne language uses both a high-pitched low tone and a high tone. Anyone speaking Themne must distinguish between these two tones if they are to be understood.

Describing your teaching style:
Direct instruction

What do you like most about teaching?
I like helping students who have had previous difficulties in learning math.

What do you like least about teaching?
I find it frustrating working with students who are unwilling to take responsibility for their learning. I rejoice when students succeed in their learning goals.

What do you expect from your students?
I expect students to be responsible to do what it takes them to achieve their goals.

What should they expect from you?
Students can be assured that I will work with them to whatever extent is reasonable to help them achieve their goals.

Areas of interest outside the classroom:
I am active in my local church. In particular I work with men who are in a 12-month live-in discipleship program at my local church, helping them to overcome addictions.

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