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Posters at the Capitol

Poster & Abstract due 11/11/2013 - Submit electronic files to Mrs. Julie Gannon 

More about Posters at the Capitol

Posters at the Capitol is a broad spectrum of undergraduate research/creative poster presentations exhibited at the Nashville Legislative Plaza and is tentatively scheduled for February 13th, 2014.  Over the past 7 years since Dr. Cheatham started Posters at the Capitol in Tennessee, students have reported that their experiences were very positive.  Also, they interacted with a much different audience than at a typical conference and saw the political side of higher education.

Who is eligible?

The undergraduate student researcher must be an enthusiastic and professional representative of MTSU.  He or she should be prepared to discuss research with politicians, emphasizing the overview and personal growth aspects of their research experience as well as the technical details.

Requirements due by 11/11/13

  • Abstract 150 - 200 words
  • Good quality head and shoulder picture
  • Poster as a PowerPoint document (page size) - this can be updated before February


The annual Posters at the Capitol Competition gives undergraduates from all six TBR universities an opportunity to personally present their research to our state legislators. The February event brings together some of our best scholars and their representatives and senators from their home towns each year.

Posters at the Capitol 2010

Researchers Hannah Norris, Shannon Murphy and Luke Bolin meet with Senator Jim Tracy in his office at the Capitol

Representing MTSU at the Capitol in 2010's exhibition were:
(please follow links for individual research information)

From the Department of Aerospace:
Kevin Bonds

From the Department of Biology:
Sade Dunn
Shannon Murphy

From the Department of Chemistry:
Luke Bolin
Bart Morris

From the Department of Physics:
Keaten Holley
Hannah Norris


The statewide presentation is organized annually by MTSU's Tennessee STEM Education Center. Dr. Thomas Cheatham, Director, heads the state-wide organizing committee along with assistance from Jennifer Danylo.  URC Director, Dr. Andrienne Friedli, and URC Coordinator, Julie Gannon, are in charge of the organization for the MTSU group.

Entries (poster plus 150 word abstract) for the 2013 competition should be submitted no later than 4pm, November 11, 2013 to Julie Gannon.