FAQs for Current Scholars and Assistants

Contact information for the Undergraduate Research Center
Coordinator: Wendi Watts (Wendi.Watts@mtsu.edu) 904-8040.

When can I start my URECA project?
You can start counting hours toward your URECA project from the first communication indicating that you received the grant.  Any previous work on the project is not counted toward the URECA award.

How do I get paid for URECA grants?
URECA funding is made in up to two (2) payments per semester and is tied to time spent on the project. After 1/2 of the project is completed (based on hours), submit timesheets (Scholar II) or mentor emails (Scholar I or Assistants) to ureca@mtsu.edu. The number of hours worked per week needs to be reasonable (generally about 10).

Your payment will be by check, which can be picked up at Cope Building, mailed to the address on your application (must match address listed in Pipeline), or direct deposited to your bank account.

How do I order supplies?
If supplies or equipment are awarded as part of an URECA grant, the ordering is done through the mentor's departmental office. Any overspending is the responsibility of the department. There are two major options:

  1. MT$ource orders - place the order(s) through MT$ource - URC is an approver and has access to all paperwork.  Contact Wendi Watts for account information.
  2. P-Card orders - place the order(s) and send copies of receipts to Wendi Watts at Box 124 or email them to Wendi.

Additional purchasing questions should be addressed to Wendi Watts, 904-8040.

How do I get travel on a URECA Grant?
If travel to gather data or perform creative activity was awarded as part of an URECA grant, the URC will have to sign off on the travel authorization form and the travel claim. Please route it to to Wendi Watts, Box 124.  We will route the form to the travel office.

How do I obtain travel funds to present URECA results?
If traveling to present results of a URECA grant (or other research/creative project) students can submit travel requests and receive up to $400 per academic year ($500 for international travel). Please route the travel form to the URC at least one month before traveling. For more information, please click here.

Is there a specific format for the final report?
Only length: 3 to 5 double spaced, 12 point font pages for an assistant; 5 to 12 double spaced, 12 point font pages for a scholar. PLEASE use the final report cover page. Please submit electronically to ureca@mtsu.edu. For more information on the final report for assistants, please click here.  For more information on the final report for scholars, please click here. You are expected to present at Scholars Week or the Summer Research Celebration.