Space Advisory Group Charter & Membership

Dr. Gebert,

Based upon recommendations, the following will serve on the first Space
Advisory Group:

Dr. Watson Harris
Dr. John McDaniel
Dr. Thomas Cheatham
Dr. Deb Sells
Patti Miller
David Gray
Mike Gower

Since your office is maintaining the space request website, I suggest
that Dr. Harris serve as the chair of the group and take the lead on
setting up meeting and reporting to the VPs.

Attached is the general information sheet on the Group as approved by
Dr. McPhee. Please note that the VPs approval of recommendations must
have his concurrence.

Thanks much.

John Cothern

Space Advisory Group

The Space Advisory Group was initiated through the work of the Classroom and Laboratory Utilization and Effectiveness Committee (CLUE), and is created in recognition that CLUE addresses instructional space issues and that the University needed an institutional review to recommend the allocation and management of all campus space.

The Space Advisory Group provides information and recommends space allocations, processes, and standards to the Vice Presidents for their decision with concurrence of the President. The Space Advisory Group is comprised of representatives from the following areas:

Provost Office

Business Office

Campus Planning


Deans (two designated by Provost's Office)

Student Affairs/Housing

Representatives of these areas are interactive with the various aspects of campus space such as capital projects, maintenance and construction issued, utilization and planning for current space, ADA requirements, leasing and property purchases, current and future space needs, PFI and drawings, and TBR reports that will be informative to the Vice Presidents as they make decisions on space.

The Space Advisory Group will not affect the allocation of existing space within a division, but will make recommendations about vacated and newly created space, and changes in the function and configuration of existing spaces. For example, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost will continue to determine the allocations of office spaces within Academic, but the Space Advisory Group will recommend to the Vice Presidents the new occupants in Peck Hall when Honors College moves into the Honors Building. The Space Advisory Group will also recommend action on any requests to change the function or configuration of existing space.

Requests for campus space will be administered on the Academic Affairs website and jointly monitored by the Directors of Campus Planning and Academic Technology Planning Projects. This website will provide a listing of all requests for campus space to be used by the Space Advisory Group to recommend allocations of vacated and existing space. Campus Planning and Academic Technology Planning and Project will jointly maintain records of all space agreements and allocations.

December 12, 2003