I am currently working on my doctorate in modern British and post-colonial literature. I am especially interested in Australian literature and Indigenous studies. I hold a Master of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in English and theatre from East Tennessee State University. My Masters thesis was entitled “Black and White on Black: Whiteness and Masculinity in the Works of Three Australian Writers—Thomas Keneally, Colin Thiele, and Patrick White.” My areas of research include: whiteness and masculinity studies, queer theory, Indigenous land rights, and literature of diaspora. I love traveling. I have visited Australia twice as well as many parts of the United States. Besides academia, I am a lover of music, including singer-songwriters, ‘70s soul, funk, and disco, ‘70s pop, Motown, Australian rock, New Wave, show tunes, TV themes and film scores, Britpop, and classic rock. I am interested as well in books, history, indie films, horticulture, animal rights activism, politics, Broadway, Watergate, Oscar trivia, Dallas, and the western mythos. I am a classically trained singer and my favorite film is Harold & Maude.