Taffy O'Neal (pen name Taffeta Chime) is an alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University's English department (with concentrations in Creative Writing and Theatre) and a product of the school's Buchanan Fellowship. She has published two novels: Stoodie (2007) and The Last (2011, as her Honors thesis). Taffy has also been featured in several issues of MTSU's literary journal Collage, in the poetry anthology Time and Tradition published by Twin Oaks Press, and several other literary and academic publications. She has won many awards for her writing, including multiple Future Problem Solving Program International awards and the Martha Hixon Creative Expression Award. Taffy has taught Creative Writing to young writers for several years and also has five years' ESL teaching experience. She is now a graduate English student at MTSU and also a writer for Moli Shuang Yu ("Magical Bilingual"), a bilingual children's magazine stationed in Hangzhou, China. Aside from all of this mess, she also really enjoys watching YouTube and singing in her car, while giving drivers-by a good laugh.