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The Writing Center maintains a group of resources for writers who wish to work independently on writing tasks and for instructors who would like to use Writing Center workshops in their classes.  All resources are available for classroom or individual use. Contact the Writing Center with questions about any of our resources.

Use the list below to help you find the resources you need. You can work through these handouts independently or with a Writing Consultant. 

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Getting started

  • Brainstorming Techniques. Use a variety of brainstorming techniques to get your great ideas down on paper.
  • Creating a Thesis Statement. (Coming soon!)
  • Composing a Speech. (Coming soon!)
  • Visual Project Organizer (PDF). This is a great tool for brainstorming. Try combining this handout with the listing method (see the "Brainstorming Techniques" handout) or use it to keep up with all of your ideas.

Putting my ideas together (Drafting)

Using research and citing sources

  • Writing Responsibly (Independent Workshop). How do we use research ethically and responsibly? This workshop is designed to help writers learn the basic principles behind research, academic writing, citation, and entering the scholarly conversation. 
  • Citing Sources (Independent Workshop). This workshop covers basic approaches to citing sources in a research paper or project. Optional activity for writers who already have a complete draft.
  • Close Reading StrategiesClose reading strategies can help you read texts more deeply and increase reading comprehension.
  • Paraphrasing and Summarizing Sources. (Coming soon!)
  • MLA Quick Guide. Understand why and when MLA citation style is used. See basic formatting for in-text citations and works cited pages.
  • APA Quick GuideUnderstand why and when APA citation style is used. See basic formatting for in-text citations and references pages.
  • Chicago Quick Guide. Understand why and when Chicago citation style is used. See basic formatting for in-text citations and bibliography pages.

Revising and editing my writing

  • Brainstorming Techniques. Brainstorming can happen throughout the writing process!  Don't be afraid to return to these techniques if you get stuck during revision.
  • Revising for Organization (Independent Workshop). This workshop can be completed independently or with a peer and provides revision strategies to tackle organization and other higher-order concerns. 
  • Revising a Draft for Language, Tone, and Sentence Structure (Independent Workshop).

Putting the finishing touches on my project

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