Tesla B.R.A.D. (Blue Raider Autonomous Driving)

Welcome to B.R.A.D. (Blue Raider Autonomous Driving), which is part of the iPassenger research project that is being conducted by the Data Science Institute and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Who is B.R.A.D.?

Tesla FrontB.R.A.D. is a Tesla Model X and is a mid-size all-electric crossover utility vehicle made by Tesla and was acquired in August of 2018. In the first 3 months, it has been in 25 states and been driven over 15,000 miles, and is now ready for testing!

It has a 5 star safety rating, seats 7, and has a range of 295 miles, and has falcon wing doors. It has a 100kWh battery and this model (100D) can go from 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds. It also has autonomous capabilities that make it the most advanced vehicle on the road today. We will talk about those features during the ride


What is the iPassenger research project?

This research looks at the ridership of a passenger in a vehicle with autonomous capabilitites.  To do this, the university has received funding for the purchase of a Tesla Model X, which has several autonomous features that help to simulate a self-driving experience.  The research asks participants to:

  • Fill out a Pre-ride survey. (http://bit.ly/ipassenger)
  • Schedule rides for 3 different routes (https://ipassenger.as.me)
    • Ride 1 - Ride in B.R.A.D. that features autopilot and auto navigate on main roads and the highway.
    • Ride 2 - Ride in B.R.A.D. that features autopilot on main and winding roads.
    • Ride 3 - Ride in B.R.A.D. that features autopilot and several other features such as suspension settings, different types of acceleration, and steering personalization.
  • Each ride is audio and video recorded to identify eye movement, changes in posture, etc.  At no time will a participant be identified in the video.
  • After each ride, the participants will complete a post survey.