First Year Students

Incoming freshman will receive their BlueID Cards during their Customs Orientation.

Incoming transfer students can come by our office at any time after they are eligible to enroll and are typically informed to during Transfer Advising days.

Raider Funds

MTSU offers Raider Funds Debit Plans. Raider Funds is a debit plan associated with your BlueID account. Money can be deposited to this account online via a credit card or in person at the cashier windows.

Raider Funds can be used all over campus to pay for food, goods and services. Raiders Funds are safer to use than cash as they cannot be lost, they can only be spent at specific locations and for specific items and have online transaction history and balance checking.

If your BlueID card becomes lost you can deactivate it online, and your money is completely safe until you get a replacement card or find the lost card. And because your BlueID contains your photo, it is very hard for unauthorized persons to use your card.

Meal Plans

Your MTSU BlueID card account contains your MTDining Meal Plan and Debit accounts.

If you are a student living in student housing and required to have a meal plan, it will automatically be added to your BlueID account and be available for use with your card after the beginning of the semester.

If you want to purchase a voluntary meal plan you can do so through MTDining, you meal plan will also be added to your BlueID account and available for use with your BlueID card.

To use your MTDining Meal Plan and Flex Dollars, simply present your card to cashiers at any dining location. MTDining Meal Plans and Flex Dollars can only be redeemed at MTDining locations.

For details on where individual Meal Plans and Flex Dollars can be used visit the MTDining website.

Housing Door Access

For some dormitories, your MTSU BlueID card is required for dorm access. It is required for access to outside doors , inside corridors, elevators, and laundry facilities.

Biometric Hand Key

In addition to taking a photo and receiving their BlueID cards, students will also have their hands biometrically scanned in order to gain access into certain facilities on campus. Campus Recreation uses a secure biometric identification system to grant access to its Recreation Center. Students, staff and faculty will be required to scan their hands and present a valid University M Number in order to enter the facility during operating hours.