Raider Funds

The University offers Raider Funds Debit Plans. Raider Funds is a debit plan associated with your BlueID account. Money can be deposited to this account online via a credit card or in person at the cashier windows.

Raider Funds can be used all over campus to pay for food, goods and services. Raiders Funds are safer to use than cash as they cannot be lost, they can only be spent at specific locations and for specific items and have online transaction history and balance checking.

If your BlueID card becomes lost you can deactivate it online, and your money is completely safe until you get a replacement card or find the lost card. And because your BlueID contains your photo, it is very hard for unauthorized persons to use your card.

Door/Building Access

If your card is used for special building/classroom access, please contact your supervisor or the building administrator to arrange access.