Internship for Credit

Student Information and Guidelines

Student Qualifications

  • Open only to accounting majors
  • Must have at least a 2.5 overall grade point average
  • Junior standing (60 hours or more)
  • Secure part-time internship position that meets with the Accounting Internship Coordinator's approval. The University is not responsible for securing internship positions.

Internship Position

  • Must be academically approved by the Internship Coordinator
  • Internship Employer must provide a syllabus of activities for the semester
  • Should be a part-time position between 15 and 25 hours per week during Fall or Spring semesters; Summer semesters may be full-time. Student must work a minimum of 225 hours during the semester of enrollment.
  • Should be a new learning experience for the student intern (i.e., should not be a job the student holds currently or has held previously)

The Student (Intern) agrees to:

  • Complete a Candidate Data Sheet for the Coordinator's approval. This document will also be submitted to the prospective employer.
  • Work a minimum of 225 hours for three hours of college credit (minimum of 15 hours per week for 15 weeks during Fall or Spring semesters, minimum of 22.5 hours per week for ten weeks during the Summer semester, or the equivalent thereof). The student also agrees to not work more than 25 hours per week in the internship while enrolled full-time during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Act in a professional manner, maintain confidentiality, be open to constructive criticism through the internship, and comply with the rules, policies, and regulations of the employer.
  • Maintain a daily journal (for each day worked) of internship activities and personal reflections (analysis of experiences) that may be reviewed by the Internship Coordinator.
  • Prepare an 8 to 10 page paper (double spaced) of the internship experience, describing the activities performed and how those activities enhanced your accounting knowledge and skill set. The paper must tie to the daily journal and be well written.
  • Complete the Student Evaluation Form, at the end of the internship.

The Accounting Department will:

  • Provide the student with three hours of credit for a successfully completed (minimum of 225 hours) internship using the pass/fail grading system of the University (P, F).
  • Be available to the sponsoring employer should procedural problems arise during the course of the student's internship and to assist the employer with correcting situations that might prevent the successful completion of the internship experience.

The Employer agrees to:

  • Provide the intern and the Internship Coordinator with a complete, accurate description of the duties and responsibilities associated with the internship prior to employment.
  • Complete the Employer Evaluation Form about the student's performance at the end of the internship.
  • Inform the Internship Coordinator of the student's failure to make him/herself available to offered experiences or failure to respect the policies of the employer.

Important Notice:

The accounting internship course is not an accounting elective.

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