PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The recreation program prepares individuals to provide recreational services in delivery systems. Contributing to the values which enrich the lives of individuals, recreation is taking its place in serving the fundamental institutions in society. Field studies and internship positions in recreation provide students with opportunities to meet and work with professionals on an individual basis. Students receive a recreation degree with an emphasis of their choosing.

Students are encouraged to gain a broad understanding of therapeutic recreation and leisure services and to gain as many hands-on practical experiences as possible. Students also are encouraged to achieve certification in the area of their choosing and to be involved in professional organizations. Students, in consultation with their advisors, map out a program that will best meet their needs, choosing from courses across campus.

EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE: Recreation and Leisure Service Positions in therapeutic recreation settings, such as commercial, government, outdoor, voluntary and other agencies.

DESCRIPTION OF HEALTH CAREER: Therapeutic recreation specialists in treatment, residential and community-based health and human service centers and recreation agencies; recreational professionals dealing with special populations in the various delivery systems-public, private, voluntary, parks.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 4 year undergraduate program; 30-32 semester hours for master of science program (thesis and non-thesis) with an emphasis in recreation.

DEPARTMENT: Health and Human Performance

CONTACT: Dr. Victoria Don Shelar, Coordinator, Recreation Program; Box 96 MTSU 615-898-2811

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