Committee Members

Name Term College/Department
Wendy Beckman 2021-2023 BAS/Aerospace
Anne Anderson 2021-2023 BUS/Economics and Finance
Katherine Mangione 2021-2023 COE/Elementary and Special Education
Yuan-ling Chao 2021-2023 CLA/History
John Zamora 2020-2022 BAS/Biology
Helen Binkley 2020-2022 BHS/Health and Human Performance
Keonte Coleman (Chair) 2020-2022 ME/Journalism and Strategic Media
Richard Morris 2020-2022 CLA/World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Amy Aldridge Sanford   Ex-Officio
David Butler   Ex-Officio
Susan Myers-Shirk   Ex-Officio
Teresa Thomas   Ex-Officio
Laurie Witherow   Ex-Officio 
Isaac Siddiqui 2021-2022 Student
Timothy Wales 2021-2022 Student