Committee Members

Name Term College/Department
Kim Sadler 2021-2023 CBAS/Biology
Vajira Manathunga 2022-2024 CBAS/Mathematical Sciences
Richard Tarpey 2021-2023 JCOB/Management
Katherine Mangione, Chair 2021-2023 COE/Elementary and Special Education
Yuan-ling Chao 2021-2023 CLA/History
LaShonda Mims 2022-2024 CLA/History
Tammy Donham 2022-2024 CME/Recording Industry
MA Higgs 2022-2024 UC/University Studies
Amy Aldridge Sanford   Ex-Officio/Provost Office-Academic Programs
David Butler   Ex-Officio/College of Graduate Studies
Susan Myers-Shirk   Ex-Officio/True Blue Core
Robert Summers   Ex-Officio/Provost Office-International Affairs
Laurie Witherow   Ex-Officio/Admissions and Enrollment Services
Mary Goncalves 2022-2023 Student
Luisa Mattos de Costa 2022-2023 Student