Committee Protocols

  • Adopted protocols shall be reviewed at the first organizational meeting each year for reaffirmation, modification, or cancellation.
  • At the first organizational meeting of the academic year, the vice-chair of the previous year shall assume the position of committee chair.  The committee shall select a vice-chair and a secretary for the year. The chair, vice-chair, and secretary shall be on the committee as faculty.  
  • The vice-chair shall serve as chair in the event the chair is unable to attend. The vice-chair shall also move into the position of committee chair in the next academic year. If the vice-chair is unable to serve as chair during the next year, a new chair shall be elected at the first organizational meeting of the year. The new chair shall be on the committee as faculty. 
  • At the first organizational meeting, the committee shall establish a meeting calendar for the academic year. Other meetings may be held if necessary.
  • The committee shall be governed by the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order. Any rule may be suspended by a consensus of the majority members present for that meeting only.  
  • Proposals and agenda items must be submitted to the committee Chairperson at least 14 days prior to the meeting that it will be voted on. If a proposal or agenda item is not received 14 days before a meeting, the proposal may be distributed and discussed but will not be acted upon until the next meeting.
  • Ten (10) days prior to the next scheduled meeting, the chairperson will send proposals and supporting materials to all members of the committee and college deans. The meeting agenda and relevant proposals will further be posted on the Admissions and Standards website at least 7 days prior to meeting. No proposal will be voted on it if has not been posted for 7 days before a meeting. Committee members are encouraged to disseminate the committee’s website address to all faculty members within their respective colleges.
  • In order to act on any agenda item, the Admission and Standards Committee shall have a quorum, defined as 51% of the faculty members assigned to the committee. The votes of student members will be counted, but their presence will not contribute to the quorum. In the event no quorum is present, the meeting shall be adjourned and all items will be held over until the next scheduled meeting. Ex officio members will not vote.