Aerospace Department Hiring

The Aerospace Department at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) employs many highly qualified individuals for a variety of temporary hourly positions.  Below is the contact information for each of these positions.

Flight Instructors (ASE, IA, and AME)

We are accepting applications and resumes for CFI positions between May 30th and June 10th.  Please click the link below between May 30th and June 10th to complete the application and then email your resume to  Both the completed application and resume must be received by June 10th at 11:59 p.m. to be considered.    

CFI Application:  Click Here

Applications and resumes accepted: May 30th and June 10th

Summer 2022 Technical Test:  June 21st

Summer 2022 Presentations:  June 28th - June 30th

Summer 2022 Interviews:  July 5th - 7th

Summer 2022 Proficiency Flights:  August 1st - 12th

Summer 2022 Instructor New Hire Training:  August 15th - 16th


Dispatcher/Line Service

Individuals interested in a dispatcher/line service position with MTSU  should fill out the application linked below and attach a copy of their resume.  Click here to email Dispatch Coordinators, Mrs. Kimberly Sandman and Mr. Matt Ivey with any questions.  Dispatchers are generally hired three times per year to coincide with the start of each academic term. 

Summer 2022 Application due April 15, 2022

Spring 2022 Interviews: April 19, 2022 through April 22,, 2022

Training: TBD

Maintenance Staff

Individuals interested in a staff maintenance position with MTSU should email a copy of their resume to the Manager of Aerospace Aircraft Maintenance, Mr. Matt Taylor.  Click here to email your resume.

CRJ (Training Device) Instructors

Individuals interested in a CRJ instructor position with MTSU should email a copy of their resume to the Professor Peter Neff.  Click here to email your resume.  Candidates should be Part 121 current, or have recent experience (within last 12 months).  12 months (or 500 hours) Part 121 experience required.  CRJ series and CFI experience preferred. 

Hiring will be based on experience, interview, and/or training device session.  Fixed-duration standardization will be compensated.  If not current on the CRJ series, uncompensated classroom training will be required prior to attending standardization.

Other temporary jobs within the Aerospace Department on Indeed

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