Math and Science Accessibility

How to write accessible math and science equations

In Web Pages

  • D2L has an equation editor that outputs MathML, no matter which of the D2L equation editors you use (Graphical, LaTex or MathML).
    screenshot of the d2l equation editor
  • The MathType plugin for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint has an equation editor that can be used to write math and publish to a webpage with MathML.

In Microsoft Word & PowerPoint

There are two options for writing accessible math in MS Word and PowerPoint, and both options require the Design Science MathType plugin. PowerPoint requires MathType 7 (or later).

  • Sighted users can use the MathType plugin to create accessible math and science equations, formulas and notations. The Microsoft's equation editor does not output accessible math and should not be used.
  • Users with and without sight, can write math in LaTex. See PCC's webpage to learn how to write LaTeX for beginning levels of mathematics and proof it with MathType.


Desmos is an accessible graphing tool for both instructors and students with visual disabilities. Students who are blind and using a screen reader can both create and consume (read and listen to) graphs.

Another option for audible graphing (specific to statistics) is the SAS Graphics AcceleratorThe accelerator includes a laboratory in which you can create accessible graphs of your own data. These graphs can be sonified, visualized, and downloaded. You can explore table variables and access automatically generated sample graphs. For more information, see Graphing Your Data.

Math/Science in online publisher content

Proceed with caution when dealing with publisher-based content. It should be carefully vetted for accessibility. Contact to help you evaluate publisher content for accessibility.

Math/Science in Tests

  • TestGen content is not accessible by default. The output has to be retyped into MathML in order to be read by screen reading software.
  • Make sure any tests or quizzes follow the specific document type rules listed above.

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