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Bruce Rogers’s Utopia

Bruce Rogers's Utopia

This time, we are continuing our exploration of the work of the book designer, Bruce Rogers. In 1934, Rogers designed and published a translation of Thomas More’s Utopia for the Limited Editions Club of New York. For that, he printed 1500 signed and numbered copies. The next year, the book was accurately reproduced and issued […]

Image: 1934 book cover design, detail, Rogers designed and published a translation of Thomas More’s Utopia for the Limited Editions Club of New York.

Bruce Rogers: An ornamental printer

Bruce Rogers: An Ornamental Printer

This week, the book we’ve chosen is a celebration of the renowned book designer and typographer, Bruce Rogers (1870-1957). Rogers worked for publishing houses, such as Riverside Press and Mount Vernon Press, and is best known for his Centaur Type. This book by Frederick Warde was published in 1925 and offers an overview of Rogers […]

Image: Joseph Conrad the Man, detail, Bruce Rogers, November 5, 2022

Course offering for spring 2023: Art History

Course offerings in Art History Spring 2023

An art history course next semester that will have an emphasis on book arts, printing, and letterpress is Northern Renaissance Art (ART 3860). Northern Renaissance Art looks at art in Germany, France, the Low Countries, and England from 1400-1600. This period in Europe saw the development of letterpress, intaglio, and relief printing, and was also […]

Image: Page detail, from the Calendar section of a Book of Hours made by the Limbourg Brothers for the Duke of Berry, c. 1412-1416, November 2, 2022

Course offerings for spring 2023: Book Arts and Letterpress

Course offerings in Book Arts and letterpress Spring 2023

We have a number of book arts classes on offer for next semester. Kathleen O’Connell will be offering classes on Letterpress (ART 3770) and Book Arts (ART 3550 and ART 4110). ART 3770 Print Media: Letterpress (Tuesday and Thursday at 11:25 AM-2:25 PM) ART 3770 Print Media: Letterpress is taught by Kathleen O’Connell and is […]

Image: Book Arts example, Kathleen O"Connell, Instructor, November 2, 2022

Course offerings for spring 2023: Printmaking

Course offering in Printmaking Spring 2023

If you are a student registering for classes for next semester, we have a lot of print arts classes on offer. In the print studio we have classes on Silkscreen and Digital Processes (ART 3015) and Lithography and Monotype (ART 3021), as well as Advanced Printmaking (ART 4130), all taught by Nick Satinover. ART 3015 […]

Image: Printmaking Student at work, Nick Satinover, Instructor, November 2, 2022

Celebrating the Scroll

Celebrating the Scroll Image

The “Book of the Week” for this week is in a different format. The codex is what we usually think of when we think of a book today; but books bound together on one edge, with pages that can be turned, were only invented about 2000 years ago. Before that, a book may have been […]

Image: This example from the MTSU Art and Design Historical and Teaching Collection is a reproduction of a Roman scroll. It includes Book II of Virgil’s Aeneid and must be read by rolling the sheet from one page to the next, October 18, 2022

Book of the Week

Book of the Week Image - October 12, 2022

This week, our “Book of the Week” is just two pages of a book. This hand-colored etching of a wren and its accompanying description are from William Lewin’s publication, The Birds of Great Britain, systematically arranged, accurately Engraved, and Painted from Nature,” which was published in London by J. Johnson in eight volumes, between 1795 […]

Image: The Birds of Great Britain, systematically arranged, accurately Engraved, and Painted from Nature, October 12, 2022

Book of the Week

Book of the Week - October 5, 2022

This week, in honor of the Jewish High Holidays, the book we have chosen is Ben Shahn’s The Alphabet of Creation. Here, Shahn retells and illustrates a legend from the Sefer Ha-Zohar, a mystical text written in medieval Spain, that relates how God created the world through the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The book […]

Image: Ben Shahn’s The Alphabet of Creation, October 5, 2022

A Successful Marbling Workshop

Marbled Paper Workshop Results

We had a fun and productive Saturdays At Todd Marbling Workshop, with some great results.

Image: Examples of Marbled Paper created during Dr. Cochrane's workshop, Ocotber 1, 2022

Marbled papers in the Department of Art and Design historical collections

Book of the Week - September 30, 2022
Below are images of marbled papers from our historical collections. Examples range from the early eighteenth to the mid-twentieth century. Web sites with more information on historical marble patterns: Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection Marbled Paper Patterns Payhembury Patterns Examples of marbling Marbled Paper Designs

Image: Book of the Week, September 30, 2022

Book of the Week

Book of the Week for 9/27/22
Each week, we will post a “Book of the Week” from one of our classes or collections in the Department of Art and Design, or from another collection in Middle Tennessee, or from our travels. This is the first! This week, in honor of the marbling workshop on Saturday, let us introduce a little French […]
 Image: Book of the Week, September 25, 2022

On the Third Floor of Todd Hall

Display of decorative paper from book arts classes taught by Kathleen O’Connell.
The Department of Art and Design galleries on the second floor of Todd Hall get a lot of visitors. Butwe also have artworks on view on the third floor, which houses our Book Arts, Letterpress, and Printmaking studios. Examples of student works are on the walls and there are small exhibitions in cases across […]
Image: Display of boxes and artists’ books from book arts classes taught by Kathleen O’Connell, September 10, 2022
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