Glass Gallery

Welcome to the Glass Gallery! The Glass Gallery is a space that gives Solo, Small Group, and Experimental artists an area to show their work. This gallery can also be used a great critique space! Below you will find information about our current exhibition on display. You can also find the Glass Gallery Schedule for a complete list of all exhibitions during the semester! 

2019 Spring Schedule

January 13th - 31st
Nick Santinover | TAZ Reading Room

January 26th - February 7th
Moose Williams | Manifestation: Illustrating American Masculinity

February 9th - 14th
Brianna McDaniel | Painting 6

February 16th - 28th
Kyle Stoneman

March 2nd - 10th
Spring Break (Gallery Closed for Transitions)

March 12th - 16th
AIGA Student Chapter

March 16th - 21st
Erin Anfinson | Foundations Show

March 23rd - 28th
Sheri Selph & Jean Nagy

April 6th - 12th
Senior Show [Bachelors of Fine Art - Studio Art]  

April 15th - 26th
Senior Show [Bachelors of Fine Art - Graphic Design]

Would you like to show your work in a gallery? Reserve a spot in the upcoming 2019 Spring Semester at our SignUpGenius. When reserving a gallery showing slot, you are responsible for installing your work before the opening date. If for any reason you can no longer fulfill your reserved spot, you must cancel, at a minimum, 2 weeks prior to your opening date. If your cancellation does not fall within the allotted cancellation date, you will be restricted form showing in any of our galleries for the remaining academic school year.

Current Exhibition:

'Roundabout' - The Graphic Design BFA Senior Show

MTSU’s Department of Art and Design welcomes you to the Graphic Design Senior Show ‘Roundabout’ where we focus on the power of play, creativity, and fun! Come visit our little town of Widdershins, a friendly place where nothing is as it seems! Need to make a withdrawal first before exploring? Head on over to our First National Bank and get yourself a couple of petunias, some lilies, and maybe a rose if you’re a big spender! Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth? Then check out Tony’s Body Shop! Those guys will fix that sweet tooth of yours with your choice of ice cream sundae, malt, or milkshake! Think that sounds ridiculous? Because it’s not. The whole point of Roundabout is to let go of the responsibilities of being an adult for a few hours and go back to a simpler time when all you had to worry about is having fun and being silly! We’re all about throwing caution to the wind and embracing the unexpected in order to help you rediscover just what it means to play in all different directions until you come around full circle. 

The Graphic Design BFA Senior show was curated by our Graphic Design BFA seniors: Jessica French, Elizabeth Hicks, Megan Starling, Caroline Harris, Taylor Walton, Spencer Watson, Callie Northern, Christina Solomito, Ashley McMurray, Kristine Hazelwood, Violet Stubbs, Will Wood, Alex Miracle, Samantha Schulte, Jack Yaudes, Purna Subba, Jake Bruce, Audrey Young, Emily Rice, Olivia Reidl, Daniel Zajac, Joshua Sourignavong, Lucas Burk, Issac Wix, Emma Williams, Rachel Midgely, Grace Hollowell, Andrew Lamb, and Tyler Stahlhood.




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