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Welcome to the Glass Gallery! The Glass Gallery is a space that gives Solo artists, Small Group, and Experimentals an area to show their work. This gallery can also be used a great critique space! Below you will find information about our current exhibition on display. You can also find the Glass Gallery Schedule for a complete list of all exhibitions during the semester! If you would like to show your work or curate a show, contact Eric Snyder, Gallery Coordinator, at to submit a proposal. For more information or if you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at (615) 898-5532 or (615) 898-2455 or via email at

Fall 2018 Schedule

Week One: August 27 (Includes Labor Day)

Noel Lorson - Package Design

Week Two: September 3

Noel Lorson - Summer Design Class

Week Three: September 10

Noel Lorson - Summer Design Class

Week Four: September 17

Nick Santinover and Laura Bigger

Week Five: September 24

Nick Santinover and Laura Bigger

Week Six: October 1

Sarah Rodriguez – Painting 5 Class Show

Week Seven: October 8


Weeks Eight–Week 10: October 17

Student Art Alliance

Week Ten: October 29

Foundations Exhibit

Week Eleven: November 5

Olivia Jackson

Week Twelve-Thirteen: November 12

Jordan Fitzgerald

Week Fourteen: November 26

Western Kentucky University and Middle Tennessee State University Sculpture Exchange

Current Exhibition:



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