212 Pop-Ups

Interested in showing your work in a gallery but there are no openings in our other gallery spaces? Consider doing a Pop-Up gallery showing in our Todd Art Gallery office space! The office can quickly turn into a nice gallery space where MTSU Art & Design faculty and students have the opportunity to curate an art show or show their own work in a gallery space in an instant! If you would like to use this space for an instant showing or have any questions, contact Eric Snyder, Gallery Coordinator, at eric.snyder@mtsu.edu. If you would like to submit a proposal, click here.


Current Pop-Up Exhibition:


Pop-Up curated by Sheri Shelph and her ART 4001 students: Emma Goodwyn, Caroline Harris, Grace Hollowell, Olivia Jackson, Walter Johnson, Morgan Knight, Rachel Midgley, Callie Northern, Samantha Schulte, Joshua Sourignavong, and Emma Williams. 
We believe in celebrating the diversity of beauty. We believe in everyone’s right to possess a positive self-image online. We value you and think you are a work of art, too.

 Everyone is invited to celebrate your #selfie in Todd Hall’s Gallery Office InstaSpace this week (Room 212). Stop, pop in, & hashtag it! #212instagallery #beautyindiversity #celebrateyou #workofart #positivityradiates #honorthyself #zenden #selfcare #toddartgallery #toddhall #themtsugraphicdesign #mtsugraphicdesign #mtsu

To see the selfies that the exhibition collects, click here.


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