Book Arts & Letterpress

The Book Arts & Letterpress Program offers two classes in book arts (ART 3550 & ART 4110) and two classes in letterpress printing (ART 3770 & ART 4770).

In Book Arts I and II students learn various book binding and book designing techniques and skills. The concept of the artist's book is explored and students are encouraged to work with both traditional and non-traditional book forms and materials. Book Arts II emphasizes three-dimensional book forms and pop-ups.

In Letterpress I students learn the basics of letterpress printing using raised metal type to form text and relief printing processes to create images. Letterpress II emphasizes the creative process of collaboration and designing for the marketplace. Students work as apprentices for The Tulip Poplar Press to design and produce limited edition publications for the market place.

Faculty Teaching in Book Arts & Letterpress:

Kathy O'Connell

See the Student Works area of the site for examples.

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