All art major and minor students begin their studies in the Foundations Program where they explore the core elements that underlie all visual arts. Students develop skills in drawing, design, and sculpture through the investigation of process and the use of traditional, time-based, and digital media.

Foundations prepares students for their upper division studio art courses through the development of

  • Creative problem solving
  • Critical analysis
  • Technical skills
  • Conceptual thinking
  • A vocabulary of art language
  • Knowledge of Art History and Art Theory

The Department of Art and Design Foundations program is made up of five core classes:

  • 2D Design | In Two-Dimensional Design, students are introduced to creative thinking, problem solving and composing on a 2D surface. Through a variety of projects, students learn how to engage the basic elements of art and principles or design through the use of various media, tools, and processes including traditional and digital technologies. Through their explorations with form and meaning, students build a foundation of visual and verbal vocabulary that can be used for analyzing and communicating through a two-dimensional format.

  • 3D Design In Three-Dimensional Design, students experience an emphasis on elements of design as they operate in the three-dimensional environment.

  • Drawing 1 | In Drawing 1, students develop observational drawing skills and a formal drawing vocabulary while introduced to the variety of drawing materials.

  • Drawing 2 | In Drawing 2, students experience a continuation and an extention of those skills learned in Drawing 1 with specific emphasis placed on drawing processes and expression.

  • Foundations of Digital Art and Design | In Foundations of Art and Design students are Introduced to the fundamental language and technology of digital media in visual art and design.

    Foundations Faculty:

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