The Middle Tennessee State University Department of Art and Design offers a B.F.A. degree in Studio with a concentration in painting, which is directed towards students who wish to work as professional artist, in art-related fields, and/or work toward a graduate degree (M.F.A). The painting area at MTSU provides students with a well-rounded contemporary studio experience, involving both traditional and experimental methods. Students are exposed to historical and contemporary theory. As students progress into the upper level painting program, they are encouraged to make personal decisions based on issues such as content, concept, materials, form, and presentation.

Safety is a priority in the painting area. To insure a healthier working environment, students and faculty employ safe handling of materials and encourages the use of the least toxic approaches.

Upper division painting majors will be provided studio spaces to aid in their artistic development. Painting students are encouraged to utilize these spaces to research and develop their ideas.

Faculty Teaching in Painting:

Sisavanh Phouthavong-Houghton

See the Student Works area of the site for examples.

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