Print Media

The Print Media area is comprised of related courses in Book Arts, Letterpress and Printmaking.  While media-specific in nature, all Print Media courses share the same goal of combining craft and concept within a fine art context.  Faculty in Print Media support and encourage a holistic approach to image and object making. 

Please use the dropdowns below for specialty information concerning Print Media.

Book Arts and Letterpress

The Book Arts & Letterpress Program offers two classes in book arts (ART 3550 & ART 4110) and two classes in letterpress printing (ART 3770 & ART 4770).

In Book Arts I and II students learn various book binding and book designing techniques and skills. The concept of the artist's book is explored and students are encouraged to work with both traditional and non-traditional book forms and materials. Book Arts II emphasizes three-dimensional book forms and pop-ups.

In Letterpress I students learn the basics of letterpress printing using raised metal type to form text and relief printing processes to create images. Letterpress II emphasizes the creative process of collaboration and designing for the marketplace. Students work as apprentices for The Tulip Poplar Press to design and produce limited edition publications for the market place.

Faculty Teaching in Book Arts & Letterpress:

Kathy O'Connell


The Printmaking area at MTSU is an incubator for artists and designers who seek contrasting experiences of historical and contemporary processes within a conceptual and exploratory studio space.  Students experience a wide variety of print-based media from traditional processes such as etching, lithography, relief and screenrpinting, along side digital, hybridized and experimental processes.  Regardless of which media is employed, all print courses promote the foundational principals of conscious making, concept and craft.

Printmaking sits at the intersection of commercial and fine arts, and the Printmaking area at MTSU embraces this duality and mutability.  Students learn historical processes through introductory assignments, making use of elements and information gained form other coursework in the department.  As students progress in the studio art program, they design semester long projects that utilize printmaking’s expressive power, social engagement, unique material characteristics and potential for multiplicity. 

Printmaking falls under the larger category of Print Media coursework at MTSU along with courses in Letterpress and Book Arts.  

We are proud of the excellent equipment in the printmaking area, including:

  • 3 etching presses (Brand, Sturges, and Takach)
  • 2 lithography presses (Griffin and Takach) 
  • 2 exposure units (Polylite, and Nu-Arc)
  • Hydrobooth and Hydroblaster
  • Darkroom with alternative photography chemicals (cyanotype)
  • Two person Lithography graining sink
  • Collection of medium sized Lithographic Limestones
  • Private digital lab with 5 Macintosh computers (full adobe suite)
  • 2 Large format Epson inkjet printers 
  • 1 letter-sized color laser printer
  • 1 letter-sized black and white laser printer
  • 1 Universal Laser Engraver
  • 2 light tables
  • 2 Cincinnati Silkscreen vacuum presses
  • Private studios for advance students and visiting artists

Classes taught include Screenprint and Digital Processes (ART 2130), Etching and Relief (ART 3140), Lithography and Monotype (ART 4100) and Advanced Printmaking Workshops. Our graduates have gone on to outstanding MFA programs such as the Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the University of Minnesota, Ohio University, the University of Georgia, and many others.

In addition, we host the award-winning Printmaking Links web site, used by printmakers all over the world.

Faculty Teaching in Printmaking:

Nick Satinover

See the Student Works area of the site for examples.


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