The Sculpture Area at MTSU functions within the contemporary vision that sculpture is as an expanded field that encompasses a diverse arrangement of materials, beliefs, and disciplines. This guiding philosophy leads all investigations within sculpture and encourages students to explore art with an interdisciplinary approach by creating forms that blend elements and concepts from other areas within the art department.

Students receive a firm grounding within the foundations of sculpture, with emphasis on process, craft, technique, and concept. Not only do students learn traditional methods, like welding, carving, and casting, but also the realization that new concepts such as, light, sound, kinetics, video, and installation are as valid as bronze or stone. Additionally, sculpture students are expected to be thinkers as well as makers and are expected to further their understanding and language of art through writings and class presentations.

The goal of Sculpture is to merge student's ideas and concepts to materials in a way that cultivates critical thinking, expands conceptual language, and promotes involvement within the contemporary art world. The sculpture department takes this goal seriously and sets high standards for students within the program.

Metal Fabrication Area:

  • 1- Miller Mig Welder 175
  • 1- Miller Mig Welder 250
  • 1- Lincoln Tig Welder
  • 1- Lincoln Plasma Cutter
  • 1- Lincoln Mig Welder 175
  • 3- Oxy Acetylene Stations
  • 1- Miller Spot Welder
  • 1- Delta 14"; Metal Standing Bandsaw
  • 1- Wilton 20"; Variable Speed Drill Press
  • 1- MEP Metal 9"; Metal Chop Saw
  • 1- 12"; Abrasive Cut Off Saw
  • 1- Trinco Sandblaster
  • 1- Ramco Horizontal Bandsaw
  • 1- 15 hp Air Compressor
  • 2- Ramco Hydraulic Lifts
  • 1- Stationary grinder
  • 3- Beverley Shears
  • Pneumatic System
  • 1- 3 in 1 metal shear, brake, roller

Foundry Area:

  • 1- Gas Furnace- bronze, aluminum capability various crucible sizes
  • 1- 4' x 3' x 8' sand pit
  • 1- 2-Ton Jib Crane
  • 1- Swift-Mul 125 Sand Mixer
  • 2- Converted Electrical Burnout Kilns

Video/ Digital Equipment:

  • 2- Panasonic Mini DV Camcorders
  • 1- Canon 5 Mega-pixel Camera
  • 1- Macintosh G4 1.42/ with Dual 19"; Lacie Monitors with Final Cut Express, Macromedia Studio MX, Photoshop 7
  • 1- G4 867 Laptop
  • 1- Sony 1800 lumen digital projector
  • 1- Epson 6 color Printer

General Sculpture Area:

  • 1- 10"; Delta Miter Saw
  • 1- Craftsman 15"; Standing Drill Press
  • 1- Wilton 14"; Variable Speed Bandsaw
  • 1- 6"; x 12"; Combo Belt/ Disc Sander
  • 1- Stationary grinder
  • 1- Bostitch Air compressor
  • 1- Porter-Cable 18ga. Nail Gun
  • 1- Bostitch 16ga. Nail Gun
  • 2- Shop Vacs

Faculty Teaching in Sculpture:

Michael Baggarly

See the Student Works area of the site for examples.

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