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Health Care Industry Nashville MSA 2019: Trends, Scope, and Impact on the Regional Economy

NHCC imageNashville’s health care ecosystem represents a $66.893 billion industry annually, according to the results of a new economic impact study released today by the Nashville Health Care Council, in collaboration with Dr. Murat Arik and the Business and Economic Research Center at MTSU.

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Middle Tennessee 2021 Industrial Wage & Benefit Survey

survey headerFull reports are now available for survey participants! Thank you to those who participated in the 2021 Middle Tennessee Industrial Wage and Benefit Survey. To view regional summary infographics, please visit our survey page by clicking the button below.

Global Commerce Reports

Global Commerce header graphicTennessee Trade Report - Q2 2021: Second quarter exports skyrocketed from the depths of 2020.  Tennessee exported $8.37 billion in the second quarter, a more than fifty percent increase from a year ago. This was not simply a bounce-back, because the state exported some $800 million more than in the second quarter of 2019.  Read more.

Foreign Investment Into Tennessee 2020: Tennessee's 2020 inbound foreign investment was reduced from previous years. But the bigger surprise is that the reduction was as limited as it was. There were 16 new investments announced for the state in 2020. The dollar value of those investments combined was $898 million, and they added 2,894 jobs to the state economy. Both of these figures were the lowest since 2011. Read more.

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