Spring 2021 Seminars


  Date Speaker/Presentation Title

Dr. Donald Walker, Middle Tennessee State University, Dept. of Biology
Title: Host-microbiome-pathogen interactions: a comparative approach across ecological scales
Area: Molecular evolution; molecular ecology of microorganisms; fungal pathogens
Host: Biology P&T committee

  2/04 TBA

Jessica C. S. Brown, University of Utah, Dept. Of Pathology
Title: Size matters: morphological shifts facilitate dissemination in a pathogenic fungus
Area: Fungal pathogens; microbial genetics; antimicrobial drug discovery
Host: David E. Nelson

  2/18 TBA
  2/25 Cancelled

Tomas Rush, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Title: Expanding the roles of Lipochitooligosaccharides (LCOs) – from a unique symbiotic signal to a ubiquitous microbial communication signal
Area: Fungal plant pathology; biological control of plant diseases
Host: MOBI

  3/11 Jessie Uehling, Oregon State University, Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology
Title: Evolutionary dynamics of bacterial fungal interaction in the Mucoromycota; insights from Mortierellomycotina
Area: Evolution; microbial genetics; symbiosis
Host: Donald Walker
  3/18 Faculty Search
  3/25 Faculty Search

Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann, Middle Tennessee State University, Dept. of Biology
Title: Teaching in the time of COVID-19: Creation of a Digital Internship to Develop Scientific Thinking Skills and Create Science Literacy Exercises for use in Remote Classrooms
Area: Biology education
Host: Biology


Alban Ordurea, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Title: TBA
Area: Mitochondrial dynamics, autophagy, ubiquitination
Host: Neal Halper/David Nelson

  4/15 Allison M Veach, University of Texas at San Antonio, Dept. of Environmental Science and Ecology
Title: Drought and the microbiome: understanding how a changing climate impacts soil microbiota
Area: Ecosystem ecology; environmental microbiology; plant-microbe interactions; stream and soil ecology
Host: MOBI


  4/29 Study day - No seminar


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