Fall 2021 MOBI/Biology Seminar Series

11:20 a.m.  SCI 1190 or


  Date Speaker/Presentation Title
Thursday 9/9

Dr. Gomika Udugamasooriya (University of  Houston)
Format:  Remote (Zoom)
Title: Peptoid combinatorial strategies for COVID19 and cancer drug discovery
Area: Peptoids, peptidomimetics, and combinatorial chemistry
Host: Kevin Bicker

Thursday 9/16

Dr. Matthew  J. Gray  (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)
Format: Remote (Zoom)
Title: Threat of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans to North American biodiversity
Area: Wetland and disease ecology
Host: Donald Walker

Thursday 9/23 Krishnamoorthy - Postponed until 10/21
Thursday 9/30

Dr. Nick Markam, (Vanderbilt)
Format: Remote (Zoom)
Title: Microbe-host interactions in C. difficile colitis and colorectal cancer
Area: Host-pathogen interactions
Host: David Nelson

  10/7 TBA
Thursday 10/14

Neill Liptrott (University of Liverpool, UK)
Format: Remote (Zoom)
Title: Understanding the relationship between nanotechnology enabled products and the immune system – complex materials, complex interactions
Area: Pharmacology, cell biology
Host: David Nelson

Thursday 10/21

Archana Krishnamoorthy (Vanderbilt)
Format: In-person
Title: Benefits of backing up – insights into maintaining genome stability
Area: DNA replication
Host: Brian Robertson

Thursday 10/28 Dr. Caroline Leplante (NC State)

Format: Remote (Zoom)
Title: Cytokinesis at the nanoscale: uncovering the relationship between the molecular architecture and the mechanical function of the cytokinesis contractile ring in fission yeast
Area: Quantitative super-resolution microscopy, cell biology
Host: David Nelson

Thursday 11/4

Jonathan Friedman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Format: Remote (Zoom)
Title: Predicting the Structure of Microbial Communities
Area: Ecology & evolution of microbial communities
Host: Donald Walker

Thursday 11/11

Ganapati Mahabaleshwar (Case Western Reserve University)
Format: Remote (Zoom)
Title: TBA
Area: Innate immunity, transcriptional regulation
Host: David Nelson

Thursday 11/18

Sylvie Estrela (Yale University)
Format: Remote (Zoom)
Title: Functional attractors in microbial community assembly
Area: Metabolism, Microbiomes/microbial community assembly
Host: Donald Walker


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