Jones College of Business Undergraduate Advising

Our professional advisors teach undergraduate business students to develop an educational plan consistent with career and personal objectives leading to timely and successful graduation
From left to right: Amber Bollinger, Paula CalahanAbby DavisAmie Donahue, and Kayli Jacobs
ABollinger    Paula Calahan    ADavis    ADonahue    KJacbos  
From left to right:  Lyle MorrisJoshua Sampson, Danielle Swartz-Koufman, Jackie Walker, and  Emily Yttri
    L Morris   J_Sampson    Danielle Swartz-Kaufman    Jackie Walker    Emily Ytti     
 Gretchen Leming, Advising Manager, Kirstie Boyd, Secretary, and  Melissa Hawkins, Graduation Analyst
Gretchen Leming    Kirstie Boyd    Melissa Hawkins
Questions? Email us at or call 615-904-8063
Skype Advising is available upon request.
BAS N216

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