S:Drive (Shared Drive)

The S:Drive is a public storage server allowing faculty, staff, and student to share data across the internet, and is intended to be used for academic purposes only. No private, sensitive or confidential information should be saved or shared through this network resource. The University Computer Lab at BAS is not responsible or liable for the privacy, data security implications nor the contents of the documents.

  • Unauthorized copying or distribution of proprietary music, videos, articles, software programs and database information via the Tennessee Board of Regents or MTSU network is prohibited. 

The web access to the S-DRIVE will be terminated on Friday, May 12th, 2016.

The web access to the S-Drive will be replaced with DropBox for Business in the Summer 2016

Access S:-Drive

[Click here to access the S:Drive.]

IMPORTANT: To be complaint with MTSU security policies you must login using your FSA credentials. You will be presented with a logon screen similar to the ones shown below. These are the same username and password credentials you use to logon to computers at the Library or at the BAS University Computer Lab. If you have never done this then, you will need to change your FSA password by going to http://mtsu.edu/changepw and selectig the option that says "Change your FSA password if you have forgotten your current FSA password".

Enter you MTSU credentials starting with 'FSA\' as shown below. 

 Internet Explorer                                                                               Chrome
IE Authorization                      Chrome Authentication  

Firefox Authentication 




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