Use VPN and Remote Desktop to Access your Office Computer

Using Remote Desktop to Access Your Computer

You can use remote desktop to access your computer over the Internet from home. To do this follow the steps below:

In your office pc:

    • Right click on "My Computer" and click on "Properties"

    • Click on the "Remote" tab and check "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer". Write down the full computer name, this is the name that you will use to connect to this computer later on.

    • Click on "OK". Your computer is now ready to accept remote connections. By default only the local administrator in your computer will be able to connect. In this case, it will be your username and password you use to logon to your computer.

In the home computer:

    • If you are off campus, then first you need to open your browser and go to
    • Login using your FSA credential, that is the same credentials as your email

      VPN Login

    • In the next screen, click on Start
      VPN Start Page

    • The first time you will need to say Yes, or Always Allow so the program will install…allow the program to install

      Install Junipar Client

      Install NetConnect

      Always Yes

    • Eventually an icon will appear on the system tray that looks like a padlock with green dots above it.
      NetConnect Icon

    • Once the program is running, it will say "connected" if you mouse over it
    • Then, minimize the browser window.
    • Now you can use Remote Desktop as you always did.
    • Once you are done, please disconnect or signoff.


    • Click on Start | Programs | Accessories | Communications | Remote Desktop Connection.

    • The Remote Desktop Connection window will appear, enter your computer name and hit enter.

    • The "Logon to Windows" dialog box will appear. Enter your username and password and hit enter.

    • The remote desktop of your office computer will appear in your screen. At this time you can run any application as if you were sitting in your pc at the office. Remember, if you save or print files, they will be saved or printed on the remote computer's disk and printer. However, you do have the option to save files or print locally in your home pc, but it will be slower.
    • At the end of your session you must "Logoff".



    • In order for this to work, both computers most be turned on and must have an active Internet connection.
    • Make sure your firewall is allowing Remote Desktop connections. You must check this in both computers (office and home).
    • You can use your remote pc IP address of full computer name to connect. Try both in case one doesn't work.
    • Saving files or printing in your home pc will take some time - depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

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