Records Management 

The University follows the records retention schedules set forth by the State of Tennessee Records Management Division, as approved by the State's Public Records Commission.  To comply with the procedures and requirements of the State Records Management Division, as well as the State Public Records Commission, MTSU has established the following:

  • Designation of a Records Officer
  • Records Coordinators for each University Division/Department
  • Annual records destruction events
  • Records destruction procedures
  • A proprietary, University Records Management Database
  • Annual Records Management Training during the Fall semester
  • Annual updates to MTSU Policy 129, as needed

In addition, the State's records classifications and retention schedules have been condensed into a single document for MTSU use entitled, “Records Classification Guide” with a list of the record types most applicable to the University.  The Records Classification Guide provides a description of the record type; the corresponding State classification number (RDA, SW, or SW-U number); the retention period; and a description of the ending action for the record (i.e. records destruction, permanent retention, or retention for a certain period of time based on State guidelines).  As new Records Disposition Codes are created and/or updated by the State Records Management Division, the Records Classification Guide will be updated.

The following is a list of resources to assist the MTSU community with the maintenance, retention, and disposal of certain records.  Updates to this section will occur as State records classifications are updated.

For additional information regarding records retention schedules, or for assistance with questions regarding records destruction or records maintenance, please contact the Records Officer at