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In India, eight classical dances and thousands of Indian folk dances have remained relatively unchanged from ancient times until today. Thanks to the spirited people who recognized the importance of their traditions, they've been passed down and preserved from generation to generation.

The word “Bollywood” is a combination of two words: “Bombay” (the city now called Mumbai) and “Hollywood.” This form of dance emerged as Western hip-hop and Eastern folk dances began to influence Indian traditional dance and music. Bollywood has become so popular that it’s now a full-blown entertainment industry, drawing from the language and traditions of many different states in India.

Representing the many vibrant colors, expressions, and emotions of Indian culture, Bollywood dance is fun and energetic. So, as you can imagine… it’s a great workout!

Our Bollywood dance classes…

Our Bollywood dance classes introduce you to some of the more prominent forms of the expression. Learning new steps can be challenging, so we take care to break them all down, making learning comfortable for all ages and abilities.

We want you to enjoy the process more than focus on performance. Sure, you’ll learn new dance movements, but we want you to love the learning itself as you broaden your perspective on another culture and your own life around you. We think you’ll find these classes to be a wonderful tool for improving your confidence, renewing your enthusiasm for life, and combatting stress, anxiety, and depression.

These dances should come from the heart, so it’s not about competition. It’s about exploring your potential, expressing yourself with joy, and having fun while getting fit!

These classes are for anyone…

No matter your age, gender, or fitness level, you can do Bollywood dance!

But be aware that classically feminine qualities like receptivity, sensitivity to life, nurturing, listening, kindness, beauty, exuberance, love, care, compassion, and motherliness are key themes expressed in our Bollywood dance courses. 


“What a brilliant idea to offer the Bollywood rain dance class through CALA. It’s such a lovely infusion of joy and energy - so fun. I love the way the steps are broken down and taught as individual components, the repetition in sequence, etc. [It's] quintessentially CALA.”
--Jennifer Raulston, High School Teacher, Sewanee, TN

"I took a dance class with Tanamayi and it was such a positive experience. She talked us through all of the dance steps in sections, showed us how to do each step, and then did the steps with us. I’m not the most coordinated person, but she made me feel like a dancer! The entire experience was fun, positive, and energizing. I loved it!"
--Martha Sumner, Project Manager, NE

"I hadn't learned dance until I started with Tanamayi. I really enjoyed learning with her. She choreographed the dances in a way that challenged my abilities, but I also had fun. In a few months' time, I gained confidence to overcome my stage fear. I choreographed a dance, performed in front of my classmates, and taught them a few dance steps."
--Aditi, High School Student, Netherlands

"I had taken a dance course with Tanamayi earlier this year while having chemo treatment to keep my brain and body coordination somewhat normal. She was very thorough in guiding the class through slow steps for several sessions, ensuring that each student understood the dance moves and the mood before she demonstrated and danced the entire song with us. I felt like a dancer, even though chemo was challenging my brain at that time. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more."
--Shanti D., Retired Secretary, Florida, US

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Ready to dance??

Here are descriptions of our Bollywood dance telecourses by Tanamayi with links to registration:

Course 1 – “Rain Dance” – REGISTER HERE

Description: This telecourse teaches you to embrace the rain through dance and express your emotions in the style of Bollywood. The choreography represents the Bollywood folk style. Music is “Baruso Re” from the Bollywood film “Guru” (Hindi).

Content: Six Lessons (35-40 minutes each) with two additional practice videos. 

Duration: You’ll have access to the telecourse content for six weeks after purchase. Watch the videos, learn, and practice at your own pace wherever it’s convenient for you!

Coming soon!

Course 2 – “Dhoom Dance”

Description: This telecourse offers fast-paced and modern dance movements without too much emotional expression. The choreography is Bollywood hip-hop style. Music is “Dhoom Ma Chale” from the Bollywood film “Dhoom 1” (Hindi).

Course 3 – “Moon Dance”

Description: This telecourse is about learning to surrender to the divine, shining in the moonlight with gentle dance movements. The choreography is of the classical Bollywood style. Music is “Chandiran Oliyil” from the album “Sounds of Isha” (Tamil).


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