Testimonials - American Sign Language Classes

Here are just a few testimonials from CALA's recent American Sign Language (ASL) classes:

"I have a woman on my caseload who is deaf and understands sign.... When I visited her last month I had such a great visit!  She was thrilled I could communicate with her!"  --Katy C., Social Worker

"[Haley] was awesome!  Very patient and nice!  She really knew the language and was obviously very passionate about it!"  --Gabrielle M., University Student

"I found the methods to be very effective.  I was able to remember what I learned very quickly."  --Scott C., Latin Teacher

"The methods made it fun and easy to learn.  I felt I could understand and I made a connection with the signs."  --Rebekah S., Account Manager

"[What I liked most] was the camaraderie with my fellow students.  They were the best!  So FUN!"  --Hillary S., Registered Nurse


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