Testimonials - French Language Classes

Here are just a few testimonials from recent French classes at the CALA Summer Language Institute:

"Learning this new language just as I learned my first language really helped me learn it quickly and I know I will retain it much more easily,"  --Kelsey T., High School Student

"I loved how such simplicity allowed me to understand and participate in such a complex language so easily!  I was told that as I got older it would be more difficult to pick up and retain a new language, but this method proves that statement wrong by making us all young again!"  --Caleb S., College Student

"I found this [class] to not only be effective but incredibly enjoyable and encouraging!  [I also liked the] creativity and humor."   --Taffy O., Author and Graduate Student

"Now that I have gone through [another CALA course] I discovered how much joy and confidence it brings to students!"  
--Megan T., High School Teacher

"The best thing was that it was really fun.  It was exciting and interesting, not boring and tedious.  I loved writing and was blown away by how much I could write after two weeks."  --Ethan L., Graduate Student


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