CUSTOMS for CBAS Students

If you have been admitted to MTSU for an upcoming semester and have not yet registered for our new student orientation program called CUSTOMS, DO THAT NOW!  The information below will supplement the on-line CUSTOMS modules, the on-campus/virtual CUSTOMS experience, as well has help you navigate your course registration process.   Once you get registered for a CUSTOMS date, you will be emailed a link directing you towards the on-line CUSTOMS modules.   These will need to be completed no less than four days prior to your scheduled on-campus dateIn order to be eligible for course registration, you MUST register for a CUSTOMS date AND complete the on-line CUSTOMS modules.  

 No less than two days prior to your CUSTOMS date, you will receive a VERY DETAILED e-packet from your Academic Advisor outlining what to expect, a homework assignment related to course registration, and MANY other things!  This will arrive in your MTSU email account, so it's crucial that you have that set up AND are checking it regularly!  

 It is imperative that you review the material your Advisor sends you BEFORE your CUSTOMS date.  Completing these tasks in advance will greatly enhance your CUSTOMS experience and help you be more prepared for the day.

It's best that you have access to your own device for course registration.  Registration will take place in a computer lab but if you bring a laptop or tablet things will go much quicker.  We do not recommend that you use your phone for registration. 

Your classes will start the week of August 28th.  It's best that you take some time to walk your class schedule PRIOR to the first week so you don't get lost on the first day.