CUSTOMS for Parents

Help us help your student!

The advisors that will be working with your student have implemented a communication plan that starts at the MTSU email account roughly a week before they arrive on campus.  PLEASE remind them to be checking this account.  Specifically:

 No less than two days prior to their CUSTOMS date, they will receive a VERY DETAILED e-packet from their advisor outlining what to expect, a homework assignment related to course registration, and MANY other things!  This will arrive in their MTSU email account, so it's crucial that they have that set up!  

 It is imperative that they review the material the advisor sends them BEFORE the on-campus CUSTOMS date.  Completing these tasks in advance will greatly enhance their CUSTOMS experience.

Department websites

 Below are the Department websites in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences:  

Aerospace Department

Flight Lab Guide - this is a living document that is updated FREQUENTLY

Flight Training FAQs - this is a living document that is updated FREQUENTLY

School of Agriculture 

Biology Department

Chemistry Department

Pre-professional Health Sciences (does NOT include Nursing)

Computer Science Department

School of Concrete and Construction Management

Engineering Technology Department

Geosciences Department

Mathematical Sciences Department

Data Sciences Program

Military Science Department

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Before CUSTOMS your student needs to:

During CUSTOMS your student needs to be prepared with:

After CUSTOMS your student should: