College of Basic and Applied Sciences - Subject Experts

Below is a list of individuals considered experts in various fields of research and grants related activity.  Researchers with questions about preparing a grant, filing a patent, or meeting animal and human compliance standards should feel free to contact the faculty on this list, who have volunteered to serve as a resource for the College of Basic and Applied Sciences.  Researchers who are unable to identify anyone in a suitable category to address their question should contact a member of the CBAS Research Committee, who can help direct the researcher to the proper Subject Expert.

Subject Area


Animal and Human Compliance

Erin McClelland
Amy Phelps
Holly Spooner

Education Focused Grants

Ginger Rowell
Tom Cheatham
Anthony Farone

Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship

Andrienne Friedli
Elliot Altman

National Institutes of Health Grants

Jason Jessen
Norma Dunlap
Kevin Bicker
Lynn Boyd



National Science Foundation Grants

Greg Van Patten
Brian Frank
Andrew Brower

American Cancer Society

Jason Jessen

State-Based Funding Opportunities

Ryan Otter
Frank Bailey
Sing Chong
Steve Cobb
Heather Brown

United States Department of Agriculture Grants

Warren Gill
Song Cui
Moh Salem

CBAS Research Committee

William Stewart (chair)
Norma Dunlap
William Robertson
Holly Spooner
Kevin Bicker
Rose Johnson