Faculty  Research -  Spring 2016 Research Topics


 Mary Beth Asbury
Dr. Mary Beth Asbury
The Stickiness of
Weight Stigma
Dr. Bickers
Dr. Kevin Bickers
Obesity and Cancer
 Thomas Brinthaupt
Dr. Thomas Brinthaupt
Self-Regulation of
Healthy and Unhealthy
Janet Colson 
Dr. Janet Colson
Underwater Treadmill
Ryan Conners
Mr. Ryan Coners
Underwater Treadmill 
Training and Type II
 Rick Cottle
Dr Rick Cottle
Textile 3D Body
Scan Lab 
Lisa GreenDr. Lisa Green 
Dr. Lisa Green
Statistics Consulting:
CPT Henderson 
CPT Henderson
How Does the Army
Define Fitness?
Dr. Rhonda Hoffman 
Dr. Rhonda Hoffman
Equine Obesity &
Insulin Resistance
in Horses
 Dr. Don Morgan 
Dr. Don Morgan
MTSU's Center for
Physical Activity
and Health in Youth
Dr. Andrew Owusu 
Dr. Andrew Owusu 
Obesity Trends in the
U.S. Reflects a
Global Epidemic  
 Dr. Ginger Rowell
Dr. Ginger Rowell
Using Statistics in 
Dr. Lisa Sheehan-Smith 
Dr. Lisa M Sheehan-Smith
Obesity and Weight
 Dr. Holly Spooner
Dr. Holly Spooner
Obesity in Horses
and Related Research
Dr. Sandra Stevens 
Dr. Sandra Stevens
Inventions Increasing
Mobility following
 Dr. William Stewart
Dr William Stewart
Excess Amounts of
Adipose Tissues and
Associated Diseases