Faculty  Research Videos

Year Semester Name Research
2014 Fall Dr. Jeremy Aber GIS/Remote Sensing / Virtual Geographies
2014 Fall Dr. Angela Barlow Supporting the Instructional Change Process
2014 Fall Dr. Wendy Beckman Aviation Education and Training
2014 Fall Dr. Lynn Boyd Cell Biology of Stress
 2014 Fall Zhijiang Dong Formal Methods and Runtime Verification
2014  Fall Mr. Doug Campbell Unmanned Aircraft Research
2014  Fall  Dr. Norma Dunlap Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
2014  Fall  Dr. Tony Farone Better Living Through Immunochemistry
2014  Fall  Dr. S. Foroudastan Mathematical Modeling and Simulations of Autoclave Age Forming of Metal
2014  Fall  Dr. Bud Fischer Aquatic Ecology Research
2014  Fall  Dr. Scott Handy Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products
2014  Fall  Dr. Joe Hawkins Aviation Maintenance Research and Safety Initiatives
2014  Fall  Dr. Erica Hu Physiological Acoustic Sensing and Energy Harvesting
2014  Fall  Dr. Ron Henderson Nanostructures in Optics
2014  Fall  Dr. Jason Jessen  Regulation of Planar Cell Polarity in Migrating Cells
2014  Fall  Dr. Marcus Knight Concrete Management Research
2014  Fall Dr. Rachel Leander Modeling Stochasticity in Cell Cycle Progression
2014  Fall  Dr. Melissa Lobegeier  Using Microfossils as Indicators of Environmental Change
2014  Fall  Dr. Erin McClelland  Understanding the Pathogenesis of Cryptococcus Neoformans
2014  Fall  Dr. David Nelson Cell Signaling
2014  Fall  Sarah Newton-Cromwell Horses Helping Humans 
2014  Fall  Dr. Charles Perry Switch Reluctance Wheel Hub Motor
2014  Fall  Dr. Nate Phillips Horicultural Research
2014  Fall  Dr. Zach Sinkala Cancer Research
2014  Fall  Dr. Nat Smith Next Generation Photovoltaic
2014  Fall  Dr. Bill Stewart Role of Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription in Cell Differentiation
2014  Fall  Dr. Holly Spooner Improving Performance and Welfare of the Athletic Horse
2014  Fall  Dr. Greg Van Patten New Nanomaterials: Semiconductor Quantum Dots
2014  Fall  Dr. Xiaoya Zha Graph Theory and Network with Applications
2015 Spring Dr. Mark Abolins Geo-environmental Research
2015 Spring Dr. Elliot Altman Drug & Green Chemical Development
2015 Spring Tyler Babb Technology in Aviation
2015 Spring Dr. Heather Brown Concrete for a Sustainable Built Environment
2015 Spring Dr. Nate Callender Fluid Dynamics
2015 Spring Dr. Tom Cheatham STEM Education Research
2015 Spring Dr. Paul Craig Nasa Focus Lab
2015 Spring Dr. Grant Gardner Research-based Instructional Strategies
2015 Spring Dr John Haffner Equine Health and Reproduction
2015 Spring Dr. Rongjin Huang Improving Mathematical Learning
2015 Spring Dr. Terry Hunt Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
2015 Spring Dr. Tony Johnston Food, Wine, and Public Health
2015 Spring Dr. Dovie Kimmins Investigating Student Conceptions
2015 Spring Dr. Paul Kline Compounds from Plants
2015 Spring Dr. Alyson Lischka Mathematics Teaching Practices
2015 Spring Dr. Preston MacDougall Molecular Visualization Research
2015 Spring Dr. Mary Martin Use of Technology in Teaching
2015 Spring Dr. Henrique Momm Watershed Systems and Physical Process
2015 Spring Dr. Ryan Otter Environmental Toxicology
2015 Spring Dr. Amy Phelps Teaching & Learning Chemistry: Why don't we do better? 
2015 Spring Dr. Brian Robertson Yeast's Time to  Shine
2015 Spring Dr. Ginger Rowell Improving Student Learning
2015 Spring Dr. Michael Rutledge Intersection of Biology,  Education and the Nature of Science
2015 Spring Dr. Kim Sadler Informal Learning Experience in  Science
2015 Spring Dr. Chris Stephens Graphs and Modeling
2015 Spring Dr. Cindi Smith-Walters Teaching Life Science
2015 Fall Dr. John Wallin Classification of Large Data Sets
2015 Fall Dr. Frank Baily Bacterial Source Tracking
2015 Fall Dr. Sal BarBosa Applied Artificial Intelligence
2015 Fall Dr. Vishwas Bedekar Energy Harvesting Materials, Device Laboratories & Instructional Facility
2015 Fall Dr. Keven Bickers Leptin Receptor Antagonist Peptoids
2015 Fall Dr. Andrew Brower Geneology of Butterflies
2015 Fall Dr. Danielle Brown Behavior as a Flexible Mechanism as a Result of Environmental Changes
2015 Fall Dr. Hyrum Carroll Automating Summarizing Data
2015 Fall Dr. Sing Chong Analysis of Biogenic Terpenes & Industrial Pollutants 
2015 Fall Dr. Warner Cribb Inorganic Geochemistry
2015 Fall Dr. Vince Cobb Reptile and Thermal Ecology
2015 Fall Dr. Wandi Ding Mathematical Biology & Optimal Control  
2015 Fall Dr. John  DiVincenzo Urban Geochemistry
2015 Fall Dr. Mary Farone Interactions Between Intracellular Microbes and Host Cells
2015 Fall Dr Andrienne Friedli 3D Visualization as a Teaching Tool
2015 Fall Dr. Warren Gill Copper Deficiency in  Beef Cattle
2015 Fall Dr. Christina Hiers Aviation Management
2015 Fall Dr Chuck Higgins Jupiter Radio Astronomy
2015 Fall Dr. Racha El Kadiri Water Systems and Environmental Changes
2015 Fall Dr Vahid Khiabani Risk Perception Modeling & Analytics
2015 Fall Dr. Jeff LeBlond The Continuing Mission of the Leblond Lab
2015 Fall Dr. Cen Li Text Mining (Information Retrieval) 
2015 Fall Yuri A. Melnikov Applied Partial Differential Equations
2015 Fall Suman Neupane Material Synthesis
2015 Fall Dwight Patterson Solar Energy
2015 Fall Dr. Chrisila Pettey High Performance Computing & Educational Games 
2015 Fall Dr. Joshua Phillips Machine Learning and Computational Structural Biology
2015  Fall Daniel Siao Aviation Safety and Security
2015 Fall Dr. Stephen Wright The Wright Way to Do Research
2016 Spring Dr. Mary Beth Asbury The Stickiness of Weight Stigma
2016 Spring Dr. Kevin Bickers Obesity and Cancer
2016 Spring Dr. Thomas Brinthaupt Self-Regulation of Healthy and Unhealthy Behaviors
2016 Spring Dr. Janet Colson Underwater Treadmill Training
2016 Spring Mr. Ryan Coners Underwater Treadmill  Training and Type II Diabetes
2016 Spring Dr Rick Cottle Textile 3D Body Scan Lab
2016 Spring Dr. Lisa Green Statistics Consulting: Cytometry
2016 Spring CPT Henderson How Does the Army Define Fitness?
2016 Spring Dr. Rhonda Hoffman Equine Obesity & Insulin Resistance in Horses
2016 Spring Dr. Don Morgan MTSU's Center for Physical Activity and Health in Youth
2016 Spring Dr. Andrew Owusu Obesity Trends in the U.S. Reflects a Global Epidemic
2016 Spring Dr. Ginger Rowell Using Statistics in  Research
2016 Spring Dr. Lisa M Sheehan-Smith Obesity and Weight Management
2016 Spring Dr. Holly Spooner Obesity in Horses and Related Research
2016 Spring Dr. Sandra Stevens Inventions Increasing Mobility following Paralysis
2016 Spring Dr William Stewart Excess Amounts of Adipose Tissues and Associated Diseases
2016 Fall Dr. Sarah Bergemann Evolutionary History of Armilaria mellea
2016 Fall Dr. Kevin Corns Educational use of Unmanned Aircraft\ Systems (UAS)
2016 Fall Dr. Song Cui Big Data in  Agriculture
2016 Fall Dr. John Dubois Protocols to Tissue Cultures: Medicinally or Industrially
2016 Fall Dr. Norma Dunlap Organic Synthesis & Medicinal Chemistry
2016 Fall Dr. Elrod-Erickson Cellular Organzation: Sorting and Transport
2016 Fall Dr. Ying "Iris" Gao Discovery of Anti-cancer drugs from Medicinal Herbs
2016 Fall Dr. Yi Gu Large Scale Scientific Workflow Optimization
2016 Fall Dr. John Haffner Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID)
2016 Fall Dr. Steve Howard Basic Indoc (BI) Instructional/Learning Strategies
2016 Fall Dr. Abdul Khaliq Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
2016 Fall Dr. Yeqian Liu Regression Analysis of Failure Time Data
2016 Fall Dr. Jennifer Lovett Student Development in Understanding Functions
2016 Fall Dr. Lei Miao Controls & Optimization for Discrete Event Systems
2016 Fall Dr. Brian Miller Evolution, Ecology and Conservation of Salamanders
2016 Fall Dr Justin Miller Understanding Substrate  Recognition & Processing by an ATP-Dependent Protease
2016 Fall Dr. Henrique Momm Remote Sensed Topographic Survey for Morphological Monitoring of Gully
2016 Fall Dr. Mohamad Salem Aquaculture Genomics: from Data to Dinner Plate
2016 Fall Dr. Don Ye Graph Theory: Theory and Applications
2017 Spring Dr. Racha El Kadiri Big Data &  Geoscience  Research
2017 Spring Dr. Grant Gardner Big Data in Education Research
2017 Spring Dr. Justin Gardner Big Data: Agricultual Resource Management Survey (ARMS)
2017 Spring Dr. Jing Kong Computational Chemistry
2017 Spring Dr. Zada Law Historical GIS at MTSU: Transforming "Big Paper" to "Big Data"
2017 Spring Dr. Henrique Momm Information Extraction from Geospatial Data
2017 Spring Dr. Ryan Otter Making Science Data More Accessible
2017 Spring Dr. Joshua Phillips High Throughput Molecular Modeling
2017 Spring Dr. Mo Salem Big Data: The Genomic Revolution
2017 Spring Dr. Rebecca Seipelt The Expression of Genes: Evolution
2017 Spring Dr. John Wallin Modelling Galaxy Collisions
2017 Spring Dr. Qiang Wu Machine Learning: Big/High Dimensional Data Analytics
2017 Spring Dr. Charles Apigian What is Data Science
2017 Spring Murat Arik Business & Economic Research Center
2017  Spring Cynthia Chafin S.M.A.R.T. Moms in TN Center for Health & Human Science
2017 Spring Todd Gary Big Data and MTSU Part 1Part 2
2017 Spring Dr. Ying Jin “Big data” in Educational Measurements
2017  Spring Dr. Molly Taylor-Polesky Digital History
2017 Spring Dr. Norman Weatherby Managing Clinical Data
2017  Fall Dr. Jeremy Aber Small Form Aerial  and Imaging
2017 Fall Tyler Babb Airplane Performance Data Software
2017 Fall Dr. Sal Barbosa The use of Artificial Intellegence for Training  and Simulations
2017 Fall Dr. Wandi Ding Mathematical Biology and Optimal Control
2017 Fall Dr. Norma Dunlap The Design & Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds
2017 Fall Dr. Misagh Faezipour Systems Thinking  & Systems Dynamics Modeling
2017 Fall Dr. Andrienne Friedli X-ray Computational/ Experimental Lab and 3D Visualization Center
2017 Fall Dr. Anna Grinath Talking Science is an Essential Feature  of Learning Science
2017 Fall Dr. Ying "Iris" Gao Drug Discovery and Medicinal Plants
2017 Fall Dr. Chris Herlih Ecology & Evolution of Cedar Glade Endemic Leavenworthia
2017 Fall Dr. Chuck Higgins Solar Eclipse Radio Astronomy
2017 Fall Dr. Yangseung Jeong The Stages of a  Forensic Investigation
2017 Fall Dr. Jason Jessen Molecular Biosciences (MOBI) Ph.D. Program Overview
2017 Fall Dr. Melissa Lobegeier Using Testate Amoebae to Analyze Water Quality & Environmental Changes
2017 Fall Dr. Mina Mohebbi Interface of Environ- mental Engineering, Water Resources, and Biogeochemistry
2017 Fall Dr. Peter Neff Identifying & Mitigating Human Factor Errors in Unmanned Aircraft Systems
2017 Fall Dr. Brian Slaboch Mechanism & machine Designed Laboratories
2017 Fall Dr. Hanna Terletska Understanding Correlated Electron Systems Through Computational Methods
2017 Fall Dr. Mengliang Zhang Instrumental and Chemometric Analysis